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Miracles And Wonders (130)
Miracles And Wonders (130)

Miracles And Wonders (130)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

The Pharma Industry And The Old Religions

Thoughts For Today 14th February 2023

Today we are going to take a closer look at how false belief and superstition can be made to work and turned into your world’s greatest ever money-spinning exercise. One of the finest examples of this is Bill Gates. Through ever more lying and cheating by now Bill has advanced to being thought of as one of your world’s richest people. Spiritually, alas he is one of the poorest. At the end of this introduction we are going to repeat what we wrote, several years ago, about Bill through our scribe/secretary Aquarius.

The reason why Bill behaves the way he does is because so far he is unaware that your world consists of two levels, the material as well as its background of the spirit realm. Your world’s material plane is the only part that for Bill exists up to now. He has yet to discover that his world has a spiritual background, our realm. This is where wise ones are in charge of and look after all those who, at any given moment, are attending the earthly school of life’s lessons. Bill is as yet unaware that earthly life, in spite of being very real, is no more and no less than a school and a place of learning. Every one of you is constantly being supervised by wise and helpful spirit guides. However, they are not allowed to assist anyone unless it has been asked for.

The spirit realm, at any given moment, is aware of every thought, word and action that one of you releases into the ethers of the material world. Although many of you do not yet know this, each one of them either creates a negative or positive entry in your personal spiritual ledger. Every human being has one of those and it makes no difference whether you are as yet aware of its existence or not. This ledger is created at the moment your infant spirit/soul leaves the heartmind of the Great Father/Mother of all life, when for the first time you are released into taking part in the earthly school of life lessons.

And because the concepts of day and night only exists on the material plane of life, in our realm no spirit/soul ever needs to rest. That’s why it is easy for us, on the highest level of life, as well as your spirit friends and helpers on your plane to constantly supervise every one of you. This is why for us it’s the easiest thing in the whole of Creation, to decide which human being belongs to the category of wheat or chaff. The ones with the snouts in the trough of humankind’s resources, ahead of them all people like Bill Gates, that’s the chaff.

As mentioned before and we shall never get tired of repeating it, the wheat spirit/soul’s pathway moves those who qualify, because their energies are right for this, forwards and upwards into taking part in and enjoying the new golden age of plenty. With every day that passes this age comes closer. Chaff spirit/souls will be reincarnating and spending their next lifetime on the new planet, we also have already told you about. It’s been prepared for them, so they can continue the initial part of their education as young Gods in the making there. Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, that your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers belong to the chaff category. Naturally, this applies to all who are enjoying having their snout in the trough and who believe that no-one can see them. They could not be more wrong!

Never forget that every one of chaff spirit/souls is your sibling brother/sister in the great family of humankind. You are their elder and spiritually more advanced sibling and they are your spiritually younger and less experienced one, that’s all. And that’s why, as yet, they cannot recognise that every one of their thoughts, words and actions is observed by wise ones who are in charge of their education and creates a debit or credit entry in their spiritual ledger. The best you can do for any one of these siblings is to forgive them, because for a wise higher educational reason, even though they do not yet know that what they are doing weighs heavily in the Divine scales of justice.

Never be afraid of tuning into Jesus to repeat his last words, when he was dying and having been nailed to a wooden cross. Every bit of this final part of the Jesus tale did not really happen, the same as the rest of the legend about the God-man. But it is a symbolism. And every one of you, similar to what is supposed to have happened to Jesus, during each earthly lifetime you are like nailed to the pathway that’s been predestined for you. The cross represents the oldest symbol known to your world of humankind’s earthly existence. And the esoteric truth behind Jesus’ death on the cross is a metaphor for humankind’s small lower self. During its earthly sojourns, time and again it finds itself trapped in experiencing and learning from acting as a physical being in life in a physical world. ‘Father, why have you forsaken me?’ could never have been the cry of Jesus on the cross, because he would have known better if he had existed.

Jesus is also supposed to have said: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing!’ The highest source of life never was and never will be but a Father. Only for the duration of the six-thousand years of the patriarchy humankind, again for wise higher educational purposes, had to make do with having nothing but a heavenly Father and no Mother. The Aquarian age being the age of truth, that’s why ever more of you are becoming aware that your Creator, always was and forever will be, a Father/Mother and the light of the Universal Christ is their beloved Son/Daughter. This light consists of nothing but love. And the existence of every human being starts with being merely a spark of this love. The rest is known to you, so we are not going to bore you with any more details.

* * *

How about returning for a moment to the pharmaceutical industry? Its onslaught on humankind’s resources clearly shows that it is marching in the footsteps of your world’s old religions. Collecting vast amounts of money from their thoroughly frightened followers was as easy then as it is now. That’s because people had been made to believe that the religious tales, superstitions and prejudices were word for word literally true, when in fact every word of them have been and to this day is false and a lie. What they told about what happens to every human being at the end of their earthly lifetime, of which according to the old religions everybody has but one, has nothing in common with what really happens.

Just like viruses these days are frightening people so much that they will do whatever they are being told by those who are believed to know better, that’s how the old religious tales frightened people so much that they happily parted with their resources, money as well as all other possessions, especially land. Feeling safe in the belief that a saviour and redeemer, for example a man by the name of Jesus, would be taking care of them in the afterlife in Heaven. This God-man never existed; he always has been merely a symbolism for every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. Believing that Jesus exists, people parted with whatever they had easily, thinking that this would save them from having to fry forever in the fires of hell.

The deeper your world penetrates into the energies of the Aquarian age, the more of you will become aware that Heaven and hell are not places that exist and to which anyone can go. As a matte of fact, Heaven and hell are what many on the material plane of life to this day all too easily create for each other. Many feel safe doing this, even though what they are telling has nothing in common with the truth, for example that the viruses of your world’s present so-called pandemic really exist.

But that’s how your world’s churches, with the passing of time, became immensely wealthy. This is why the people at the head of the organisations that had formed around various religious legends, at any given time, could afford to have ever more splendid buildings, cathedrals and ordinary churches constructed. They could afford to pay the finest workmen of their time and when ready, each of these buildings was equipped with the finest golden implements. The Reformation put an end to that.

Those are the footsteps in which the pharmaceutical industry for many years by now has been walking, on the surface of things highly successful. They too pretend to be fighting an enemy by the name of viruses, who does not exist. Their saviour and redeemer is vaccinations which, at best, do nothing and with the worst scenario, make people ill and kill them. And because selling vaccines is a far more lucrative business, that’s why Bill Gates years ago sold Microsoft and instead invested ever more of his capital in the pharmaceutical industry. On the surface of things, with seemingly great success.

Alas, what Bill so far does not realise is that every thought, word and action is observed by the wise ones in charge of him and his development, his spirit guides. Each thought, word and action creates either a debit or credit entry in Bill’s spiritual ledger. Everybody has one of their own. So far his behaviour qualifies him to belong very much to humankind’s chaff category. It depends how his spiritual progress has advanced by now. The wise ones in your world’s spiritual background know exactly whether Bill’s energies are sufficiently advanced for him to join the ranks and files of wheat people, and whether he will ever be able to do so in his present lifetime.

If he is, Bill after a great deal of hesitation, really will finally pluck up the courage to step before your world to confess what he has been up to. Alas, there is not a chance of it for as long as he loves playing the part of an eagle, a bird of prey with a sharp beak and claws to keep hold of anything that looks attractive and comes within his reach, so he can feast on it.

Should Bill spiritually be sufficiently mature and his spirit/soul ready to at last wake up from its slumbering state, he will enjoy even more slipping into the role of a dove of peace, who possesses the unique power of lifting, not only himself but the whole of humankind, onto the next higher plane of development. Time alone will tell! We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle are the only ones who know the outcome. Yet, not to influence it and things happening too early, we can but smile and are unwilling to tell at present.

What would Bill do if he already knew that, on the inner plane, all life is one? Whatever is done in thoughts, words and actions by anyone in the whole of Creation, therefore also your world, affects all manifestations of life anywhere? This applies as much to positive, kind and loving thoughts as well as to negative, unkind and hateful ones. And whatever you do, never forget that, in the fullness of time, when you’ve sufficiently matured to cope with what comes your way, whatever you send into your world the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma does return to you. That’s where the saying of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth comes from. And yes, this is what really happens.

For as long as you are stuck in the first part of your spiritual development in the earthly school of life, you can’t help doing nasty things to those around you. The more the merrier and the more you enjoy doing it. That’s what Bill has been doing for a long, long time. He sold Microsoft and started supporting the pharmaceutical industry. His spirit friends and helpers always have accompanied him, the same as they are with all other human beings, at home in the spirit realm as well as on the earthly plane. Nobody on the material plane of life is ever truly alone, even though many to this day believe that they are. Neither is Bill. Will he wake up?

* * *

When the end of Bill’s present earthly lifetime has come round and his spirit/soul leaves its physical body behind and returns to our realm, the true eternal home of every human being who ever took part in the earthly school of life’s lessons. When Bill’s spirit/soul goes home, he will be astonished to realise that he is by no means dead, but alive and well. After having rested sufficiently from the stresses and strains of his most recent earthly sojourn, Bill together with the wise ones in charge of him, will take a look at the Akashic Records. They are going to clearly show him, the same as everybody else, the different roles they played in previous lifetimes. Although on the outer plane you have no conscious recollection whatsoever of any of them, everybody sometimes appears as a man and on other occasions as a woman. It’s essential for your spiritual development that you are made familiar with every aspect of life taking part in life on the earthly plane.

Every wound you ever caused and any suffering you inflicted on anyone, causes a debit entry in your spiritual ledger, while every kind, loving and forgiving thought, word and action results in a credit entry. And when both sides of this ledger balance, then earthly life can teach you no more and you have evolved into a Christed one, in your own right. Only then are you allowed to move onto higher levels of education, when the end of your present lifetime has come round.

How would Bill react if he was aware now that this is the truth, for every human being who ever attended the earthly school of life’s lessons, in time long gone past as well as now, naturally therefore also for Bill? As a Sun Scorpio Bill is capable of tuning into the moods of those around him as well as the whole of humankind. Having taken advantage, in his role of an eagle with equally sharp beak and claws, for long enough, might he be ready to turn into a dove of peace for your whole world, loved and admired by all? Isn’t that what every one of you truly wants and what’s waiting for every human being at the end of their earthly education?

And because on the inner level all life is one, everything affects everything else in some way. In earthly life you are all influenced to a degree by forces that at first seem to be beyond your control. They are the desires of your own lower earthly nature and with the passing of time each one of you must learn to take charge of and master them. When they have been shed, they form the mud at the bottom of the pond that feeds the lotus flower of your higher nature. You then no longer look at earthly life as a term of imprisonment, because you know that whether you are dwelling on the Earth or on the higher levels of life, having shed the things you no longer need, you are free. All human souls in earthly life eventually have to learn how to gain access to and use their very own innermost powers to achieve this kind of true freedom.

The pharma industry is reaping the benefits of and building up some more on the false beliefs and superstitions that were created by its predecessor, your world’s religions. Their tales that have nothing in common with what really happens whenever the end of someone’s earthly lifetime has come round. We assure you that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and much to look forward to, when you are released into the greater freedom of our world, the spirit realm. No longer will you then be fastened to the cross of earthly life, the oldest symbol known to humankind of your existence on that plane. Making people believe that death is something to be afraid of that should be avoided for as long as possible, for a sufficient length of time has kept humankind away from the truth that there is much to look forward to. The deeper your world penetrates into the Aquarian age’s energies, the more of the truth is becoming known and ever more popular.

The tales of the old religions for long enough kept humankind from diving into the sea like lemmings, whenever the going got too rough on the earthly plane. That’s why every human being is only allowed one successful suicide attempt, so that when you arrive in our realm you realise that nothing has been avoided. You merely have to wait for a new lifetime and the same problems will have to be dealt with. If anything that will be even more difficult because much time has elapsed since they appeared in your life for the first time. Having served its purpose and the Aquarian age being the age of truth, ever more of you are finding out that there really is nothing to be afraid of when the end of your present earthly lifetime has come round.

This is the final and most important message you will be receiving from us through our scribe/secretary Aquarius. Celebrate her departure from the earthly plane and rest safely in the knowledge that she is not dead and never will be. She has merely left behind her physical body, the vehicle she needed for getting around on the earthly plane. Naturally, this also applies to every other human being. After a short rest in our realm, Aquarius will continue to serve humankind on the inner level of life, our realm. For many years she has brought the gift of a better understanding of humankind’s existence to your world and for that all of us here most whole-heartedly thank her. God bless you all. You and your world are safe and forever will be.

* * *

For the rest of this message please go to

‘A Pandemic : Why?’

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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