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Unbreakable Love
Unbreakable Love

Unbreakable Love

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There once was a girl named Taylor. Taylor was a very sad person, but didn't know why. No one understood her. Her father left them when she was seven years old. Now, being fifteen, she only lives with her mother and grows sadder every day. Taylor's mother tried everything to cheer her up, even if it meant making herself unhappy. Her mother always blamed herself for the father's absence, telling herself she wasn't good enough.

One day, Taylor told herself if nothing good happened this week, she would kill herself. Anyone who knew her would try to stop her, but anyone who cared wouldn't. She wasn't happy on this Earth, so why live in misery? As far as she knew, it would never get better.

Later that morning at school, a new girl came to town. Her name was Carter. Carter and Taylor instantly clicked. They spoke and understood each other. You see, Carter was always misjudged. A girl with short hair that wore leather jackets and rode a motorcycle everywhere she went was not bound to be popular in school. By the end of the week, Taylor felt happiness, for the first time since her dad left. As the days went on, Taylor developed feelings for Carter.

Taylor was surprised when Carter asked her to the dance on Saturday. Carter didn't seem like the type to like ball gowns and tiaras. Taylor was flattered and of course, agreed.

Friday night came around, and the two girls went out for a ride on Carter's motorcycle. The wind blew through Taylor's long brown hair as Carter speed up the bike. Her arms wrapped around Carter's waist and her cheek laying on her back. The bike kept accelerating to the point where it worried Taylor slightly.

"Carter, please slow down." Taylor said over the loud motor, grasping Carter's waist tighter.

"Why? You afraid we'll get a ticket or something?" Carter laughed.

"No, just- I don't like speeding." Taylor said.

"It's okay, Tay."

"So you'll slow down?" Taylor asked hopeful.

"Say that you love me, and maybe I'll slow down." Carter cheekily teased. Taylor rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I love you" Taylor whispered into Carter's ear.

"Give me a big hug!" Carter laughed louder. Taylor did so.

"Oh, and can you take my helmet? It's really itching my neck." Carter whined playfully. Again, Taylor did so, strapping it on herself.


Two teenagers were involved in a motorcycle accident

Teenagers Carter Gray and Taylor McCoy were in a very severe car crash earlier last night. Inspectors of the mangled motorcycle conclude that sometime during the ride, the brakes gave out, preventing them from stopping or slowing down. However, one rider did survive, Taylor McCoy. She was the only one wearing a helmet.


Halfway through the relaxing ride, Carter noticed the brakes had stopped working. Not wanting to worry Taylor, she played it off as nothing was wrong. That's why she refused to slow down. Instead, Carter had Taylor admit she loved her and give the final hug. What was most heart touching of all, was that Carter gave Taylor her helmet so she would survive. Sadly, Carter never got to go to the Saturday school dance. Neither did Taylor, for the day after Carter's death and only mere hours before the dance, Taylor committed suicide. She fell into depression, and wanted to see the only person that lit up the unexciting smile on her face and be with her, forever.

Author Notes: YOU MATTER!

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10 Oct, 2016
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2 mins
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