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Latest Offbeat Short Stories

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Happiness Happens
Story by JamesFoley
He loved a girl whose sister loved him, so the girl he loved wouldn't love him. But now he’s home from the war and everything’s changed. And happiness happens.
The Green Bus
Story by StephenG
It seemed a normal summer's evening in London as a man waited for his bus after work. It turned out not to be.
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Our Necessary Illusion
Story by WASP
This is a very short story about my life and how it feels to live it right now and the intensity that it generates for me and my wife.
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The Gifted Child
A poem about a proletarian woman
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The O Zone
Story by Matt Decker
You are about to enter an alternate dimension. It is a place of circular reality. Welcome to THE O ZONE.

Random Offbeat Short Stories

I'm Heading Over the Rainbow
A poem about not fitting-in
In the sky, you and I
Story by Minasu
A magical realist story that takes place inside a desktop clock. Marie is an elderly lady who lives with her son Nico. She leads a trouble-free life of routine, unaware of Nico's bohemian lifestyle.
2. Rear View Mirror’s Reflection
Story by Cobra
Wanton old woman looks back on her life honestly to understand who she was not who she thought she was
Blood - Part Two: Letter to Kaitlyn.
The sequel to part one, written about fifteen years AFTER I wrote the original story.

Highest Rated Offbeat Short Stories

Pretend You Don't See Her
The cruelty of bullies...
Girls Come Home
Story by Suma
A story about three sisters, three women who have grown apart, but now making a conscious effort to come close because the forces that did it for them are no longer there.
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Tonal Shades of Lightning
Story by lemonslice
A prose poem about being let down and then go to great lengths to take revenge.
All Audiences
Story by Auron
All I saw was my swimsuit melt with the elegant colors of the sea as I drowned.
Humans Above The Bed
Story by 🌸Fate
Nina, do you want to sleep in my bed tonight.....

Most Viewed Offbeat Short Stories

Why Is There an Angel on Top of the Christmas Tree?
Story by Galaxian
A funny Christmas Story where Santa feels the frustrations of being Father Christmas.
His First Time
Story by Galaxian
Funny story about a young guy who tells his parents about his first time, with a very funny twist at the end.
Story by djreed7100
butterflies and fire
All Audiences
The story of what really happened to Leonidas and his 300 men that fateful day in Hot Gates, 480 BC.