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Latest Weird Short Stories

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Miracles And Wonders (109)
Story by Aquarius
More Truth About The Pandemic's Background
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Do You Really Believe in Ghosts?
Story by strange_teller
A strange story about a man who falls prey to his own opinions about ghosts
Poem by ~ twixx ~
when my eyes quiver open, they are clouded with a thousand years of slumber's remnant
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Story by Skylar
Hana and her friends decide to stay the night in an abandoned church.
of paper
Poem by ~ twixx ~
if i were made of paper, i'd write you love letters in my skin

Random Weird Short Stories

Mysteries in New Berlin(Part Six)
Story by reggie_1552
I think you may know by now. If not read the other parts. I don't know myself.
chained up
Poem by scorp
When it hurts say when I'll stop and then start again
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The secret service is not so secret
Story by Qwerxy
They don't exactly live up to their name. And stand out in plain sight like the government spies they are. They're too quiet. They're eerie. And they work with foreign powers such as turkey.
No Name
Story by Storm
It appears I have forgotten my name, or perhaps I was never given one. Would you like to pick one for me?
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My Love for You (Chapter Two)
Story by Nugget
Hi lol this is chapter two :)

Highest Rated Weird Short Stories

November 21st at 6:58am
Story by 🌸Fate
He opened his eyes again looking dull as ever. Time just keep repeating.
The Skin Tin
Story by ClaudiaM
A child collects skin as a hobby.
Lock Your Doors
Story by Mother Goose
This is a short creepy story with a nice cliffhanger in the end! I hope you'll enjoy!
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Story by Thomas Ray
An author wasting his time?
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The Dark
Story by Thomas Ray
"Are you afraid of the dark?"

Most Viewed Weird Short Stories

The Chili Fart
Story by Galaxian
'The Chili Fart' is a funny short story about the misfortunes of a guy who had a bad stomach after eating some chili. Reading is a guaranteed laugh.
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1
Story by WannabeArora
My life is pretty simple. I go to Good will middle. I'm in eighth grade. I have a best friend, and had a boyfriend. So yeah my life is perfect, right? WRONG!!!!! My name is Nicole Blake I'm 14 years old and my life is a MESS!!!
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: a Hamilton Fanfiction | Part I
Alex and John end up in a tree and Jefferson's an asshole. The 'Fluff Break' is by my friend (cross-referencing Hamilton and DEH (It's in Part III)).
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Super Heroes NOW!
Story by robertmoons
Three costumed heroes who have no super powers will meet their biggest fan – an enthusiastic nine-year-old boy.
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The Lights
Story by Sandra
What we see is not always the reality.