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Latest Weird Short Stories

The House of the Rising Sun Awakening
Relates to The House of the Rising Sun and Gods and Monsters (written on this account) so before you read this please read them or this won't make much sense.
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When You Leave My Brother and I Home Alone 3
Story by Zer0
The stupid story you've all been waiting for....
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Mind Reader Pt. 1
Story by Zer0
Curse or gift? Can this mind reading turn you into a monster? Yes, yes it can.
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One Large Question
Musing by Thomas Ray
Something that matters. A lot.
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Musing by Zer0
Nothing all.

Random Weird Short Stories

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This Is What Happens When I Get Bored...
Story by Bird
The title says it all. (this story makes no sense)
Our Lowly Patch of Dirt
Story by MatthewDHay
In a backyard lies a garden that's been abandoned, and left alone. Perhaps for good reason.
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Walking With My Eyes Closed
What someone said to me
Twenty Devilish Faces The Fight For Alexis
Story by Meemee28
I wanted to shout out but no sound would emerge, I couldn’t move, speak and worse I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t release the huge energy build up of terror from my body, I was sure I was going
Twisted Cinderella
Story by PoeticT
Part of my twisted collection

Highest Rated Weird Short Stories

November 21st at 6:58am
Story by 🌸Fate
He opened his eyes again looking dull as ever. Time just keep repeating.
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My Life Part #1
Story by Zer0
This is my personal experience. Yep, life is tough sometimes.
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Take the Pain Away
Story by Zer0
He breathed in, leaning closer. And I felt it; my pain, my hurt, my broken pieces disappearing. It was strangely comforting. Then he opened his dark eyes and said ...
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Math Class
Story by Zer0
Fire In My Heart - Part A
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Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadset
Story by Savage3footer
Funny story about two kids on earth who encounter some problems. THERE IS A SECOND BOOK, So if you liked this one read it!

Most Viewed Weird Short Stories

The Chili Fart
Story by Galaxian
'The Chili Fart' is a funny short story about the misfortunes of a guy who had a bad stomach after eating some chili. Reading is a guaranteed laugh.
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1
Story by WannabeArora
My life is pretty simple. I go to Good will middle. I'm in eighth grade. I have a best friend, and had a boyfriend. So yeah my life is perfect, right? WRONG!!!!! My name is Nicole Blake I'm 14 years old and my life is a MESS!!!
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Super Heroes NOW!
Story by robertmoons
Three costumed heroes who have no super powers will meet their biggest fan – an enthusiastic nine-year-old boy.
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The Lights
Story by Sandra
What we see is not always the reality.