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Latest Weird Short Stories

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Greedy Jonny Hopkins
Story by Savage3footer
Greedy Jonny Hopkins A Short Story by Savage3footer
The Devil's Chair
Story by Elwood
A paranormal experience.
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The Inn
Story by billyyoutwo1
Written in a narrative form. Colloquial terms. Adult content. Supernatural content. Based in Liverpool. Real place names. Characters are entirely fictional.
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Story by Tom Hackney
The big kahuna, and so forth.
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Story by Matt Decker
Social media has been set "ablaze" by the video footage. A glowing ball of orange intervenes in a horrific apartment building inferno, saving many lives and averting complete disaster.

Random Weird Short Stories

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The Bridge
I saw the bridge in my local park, surrounded by rowdy kids and stoic adults- but nobody went near it. It appeared to be a rare spot of calm in a calamity.
The Field
This creepy ass shiz actually happened. It doesn't sound that scary, but if you were there you would have freaked.
Towards the Light
Story by Gaynor Jackson
A story of survival
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The Figure
Story by Asoxus
"The Figure" is a short story about a figure seen only by men who were deemed clinically insane.
Maze Hunters
Story by Meemee28
As we were flying the helicopter began to shake and then a huge like worm hole appeared and the helicopter was then sucked into the worm hole. We saw complete darkness for a few minutes. The darkness

Highest Rated Weird Short Stories

November 21st at 6:58am
Story by 🌸Fate
He opened his eyes again looking dull as ever. Time just keep repeating.
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Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadset
Story by Savage3footer
Funny story about two kids on earth who encounter some problems. THERE IS A SECOND BOOK, So if you liked this one read it!
The Cottage at the Edge of the Universe
Story by Robert Slater
The story follows a broken soldier as he is sent back in time to win the Nazi's the war. Stranded in time he encounters many horrors which all lead him to the cottage at the edge of the universe
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Book 2: The Adventure
Story by Savage3footer
Good Story!!!!!!
Black Chronicles Character Interview
Story by Sherzahd
Character interview for an upcoming book, so I would appreciate feedback on whether or not the story and characters are interesting enough.

Most Viewed Weird Short Stories

The Chili Fart
Story by Galaxian
'The Chili Fart' is a funny short story about the misfortunes of a guy who had a bad stomach after eating some chili. Reading is a guaranteed laugh.
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1
Story by WannabeArora
My life is pretty simple. I go to Good will middle. I'm in eighth grade. I have a best friend, and had a boyfriend. So yeah my life is perfect, right? WRONG!!!!! My name is Nicole Blake I'm 14 years old and my life is a MESS!!!
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Super Heroes NOW!
Story by robertmoons
Three costumed heroes who have no super powers will meet their biggest fan – an enthusiastic nine-year-old boy.
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #2
Story by WannabeArora
(if you have not read the 1 one I suggest doing so) My life taking a turn for the better? Sure. My life is really taking a turn for WEIRDER! What am I? Who am I? More importantly where did I leave my phone!?!