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hypnotic-whisp is from US United States • 14 y/o • Transgender

hellooooo :3


ask me about my neos if you're cool with it! || discord: twixx#0771

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16 Mar, 2021
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things & stuff

about me:
hi, i'm ryin! i'm super obsessed with stranger things, write a lot of fanfiction which i never gain the confidence to post, and i use they/them pronouns. (if you choose not to respect that, don't get mad at me for not respecting you) i have wavy brown hair, and weird green-gray eyes. my favorite color is pink, my favorite food is strawberries, and i have a total of about two brain cells bouncing around in my head. i have braces (ugh) and usually carry around something random to fidget with. i have anger issues

random things ig:
check out NonStampCollector on youtube lolz
cms sucks ass and balls

stuff i dislike

  • people who think inspirational quotes cure depression. like stfu mrs. gill
  • spiders. oh my god spiders
  • being talked over. it's annoying af like please do not
  • stuff that only has male or female gender options >:/ (btw whats up with the gender options for profile?? like im so so happy they tried dont get me wrong but w h a t )
  • similarly, people being like "i really think you shouldn't have rights but that's just my opinion 🥰😍❤️💗😍💕🥰🥰🥰💛"
  • people who think they're special and different for. . . not liking tiktok?
  • people who think they're special and different for. . . reading? like, if someone describes themself as "nose in a book" they have no personality sorry

books i recommend (on the rare occasion i read an actual book)

  • Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson (literally my favorite book ever. absolutely stunning. *chefs kiss*)
  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
  • Longbow Girl by Linda Davies
  • Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan (IT'S SO FUNNY AND SO CUTE AND ALL AROUND JUST YES)
  • Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan (i think jennifer dugan is just a goddess)
  • The Girl from the Sea by Molly Ostertag (IT'S ADORABLE)

assorted book thoughts that aren't exactly recommendations and may or may not just be me complaining

  • Worthy by Donna Cooner is now my least favorite book ever. boring, basic, and predictable. like school guidance counselors in book form
  • the bible. there's some stuff to live by in there, i'll admit, but also some iffy things that get really bad when you think about them for too long (ie women = property...)

lyric of the [long period of time]

🎶 i'm not gonna give you love just 'cause i know that you want me to
🎶 if you want love then the love has gotta come from you

-From God's Perspective - Bo Burnham

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