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hypnotic-whisp is from US United States • 13 y/o • Transgender

hiya there, i'm your local mcyt-hyperfixated enby


they/them || just some mcyt fanfiction writer


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16 Mar, 2021
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about me:
hi, i'm rayne! i'm absolutely obsessed with minecraft and minecraft youtubers, write a lot of fanfiction which i never gain the confidence to post, and i go by they/them pronouns. i have long-ish brown hair that i plan to cut short, and weird green-gray eyes. my favorite color is teal, my favorite food is strawberries, and i have an odd liking for crows and ravens. i have braces and usually carry around something random to fidget with.

random things ig:
sooo. . . dream rng am i right
dnf for life. read heat waves and helium, they're great
happy pride!! :D

ships i will fight you over /j
kiribaku (ao3 rec: "roses are red and they taste like s---" by Unbreakable_Red_Riot)
dreamnotfound (ao3 rec: "heat waves" and "helium" by tbhyourelame)
karlnapity (no rec)
skephalo (no rec)

check out these people, they're pretty pog:
Wafflecats22 (my s/o!)

-Lynnan- (writes some pretty nice things, irl friend)

_ashidori (also irl friend)

Excu (another irl friend, i don't have many online-specific friends lol)

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