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hypnotic-whisp~ twixx ~
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it is in the cooling crest of the essence of autumn
that to the edge of the forest i venture to roam,
on thin, twiggish toes and a pair of pale wings
to steal glittering joys and glimpses of the parallel home.

on the same blazing leaves that my paws lightly crunch,
my claws give soft grazes and my teeth gentle grips,
forming a clearing like the circles of tricksters
and lifting away the carpet of warm, brittle bits.

through the cracks in the wall of the bark of the trees
i can see shards of the life of the two who live lone,
who chitter without thought and clink together their treasures,
unaware of the collapse of their aged oaken home.

through the jade of these eyes i can know them so well,
but they will not see me, for they do not look,
so i gather my share and i turn heel and leave,
returning what is mine to my tree’s shallow nook.

with the shift of the temperatures i let my trips wane,
knowing soon the crystals fall and bring chilled air and blight,
but with an odd, nagging uncertainty in the echoes of my mind
i linger on the prospect to set foot in the white.

when first come the flurries of the yet-gentle snow,
i gather all of myself and i ready my wings,
and as i meander to nowhere, the flakes grace my face,
and absently i wander to where i gather my things.

my little blazes are gone, and the things which took their place
are frosted crystal impressions mimicking their veins in their death;
the most i can mourn is a close lean and silent goodbye,
for their iced ghosts may shatter with a haphazard breath.

ahead in the ruins of their home i can see the odd lovers,
withered by the cruel wood’s will and displaced,
and for the first time i find them both facing towards me
as their skeletons lay curled in a lasting embrace.

Author Notes: thought i would try my hand at rhyming stuff (i wrote this a couple days after christmas just forgor to post it lol)

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~ twixx ~
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16 Jan, 2023
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1 min
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