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Are You Perfect?
Are You Perfect?

Are You Perfect?

hypnotic-whisp~ twixx ~
2 Reviews

Are you perfect?

Even if it's something you think ultimately doesn't matter, I bet you're not.

I bet you're imperfect.

I bet you have flaws, little defects, inadequacies, even.

In fact, I bet you're human.

If it gets out that you are. . .

God, imagine!

What will they say when they learn you don't fit into the boxes?

What will they say when they see you're not a perfect fake?

Go on, apologize.

Admit to them that you've lived, that you've breathed.

Better conceal skin behind the porcelain mask.

Beg for forgiveness at the feet of the flawless.

And never once consider that the flawless breathe too.

Author Notes: I'll write a more in-depth story later. For now, thanks to -Lynnan- for having such a weird bio to give me this idea! I know you're reading this, so leave a comment! :D (this one was also super weird to tag)

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About The Author
~ twixx ~
About This Story
15 Feb, 2022
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<1 min
5.0 (2 reviews)

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