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All Over Again
All Over Again

All Over Again

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"What do you mean I have to go on a mission?" They stare wide-eyed at their mother, "Peter and I have....homework."

"You have to go on a mission Keori," Pepper Potts-Stark crosses her arm at her 16-year-old child, as Peter Parker stares at the floor, "you're father strictly told me when your 16-"

"16 and a half."

"When your 16 and a half, let Peter take you on a mission," Pepper sighs, "even if I don't approve, especially if you want to join S.H.E.I.L.D."

"He said that to his daughter, not child." Keori clenches her jaw.

Pepper isn't exactly happy her child is Non-Binary and Bisexual, but Keori knows she doesn't approve. Don't get Pepper wrong she still does love Keori to pieces it's just not what she had in mind for Keori, and they know that too.

"This could also prove you right to them, just because you went philandering with Loki."


"HE DIED CONTEMPLATING WITH THE ENEMY." Their mother shouts back. Keori tries not to cry.

Keori makes the mistake of looking at Pete. He looks longingly at them.

They know that face.

"Alright fine, I'll do the mission."

Loki, Earth-789

Loki of Asgard looks long and hard at a Picture of Keori Stark.

Their last words still ringing in his head.

Love you, always.

He didn't even say it back.

Weak, Pathetic, Dumb.

Loki already hears the taunts of Odin in the back of this mind. Poking at him ruthlessly.

"It wasn't your fault Brother," Thor walks in and hands Loki some Asgardian Ale, " The Mortal was a strong one, somewhere, somehow they're alive still loving you."

Loki sighs putting the picture away in his green leather jacket.

"The doctor said something about different portals and dimensions and earths during the battle," Thor takes a gulp of his ale.

"You mean strange?" Loki sips his strong drink running his hands through his hair, "I couldn't hear shit he was saying after my district got bombed," he shakes his head, "I had a long fucked up day I'll head to the shower and bed. Goodnight Brother."


Author Notes: Hi, mon petit poi! I missed you loves! Hope you like my new series!

#BlackLivesMatter #LGBTQIA+

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8 May, 2021
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