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Should have kept my laptop

Should have kept my laptop

By Qwerxy

I caught up on some sleep, wishing I didn't toss my last laptop out but they were definitely tracking it as tinfoil hat as it sounds one of these uber drivers mentioned one of my bookmarks to photopia and I'm sure I could of switched chrome logins but they had that Mac ID address of the hardware it probably would of left a trail everywhere I would have been logged in from. Along with my last phone, snapped sim card. It is somewhat of a relief to get rid of all the various wire tap devices that we all knowingly agree to due to the patriot act. The funny part is everyone is paying for these devices to monitor their every action practically. Except me, but then again saving money and cutting corners may make you end up being under investigation in my shoes.

Maybe I'll browse Amazon and place a purchase later on for another chrome book with some bitcoin as my cards definitely are not the smartest purchasing choice. I already used one to get a pizza delivered. Let's see if they will go out of their way to see where that pizza went to.

The simplicity of a chrome book being able to have everything stored on the cloud may have it's draw backs though. I got work to handle and more money to make. Stricken with paranoia surely it can only be alleviated after dealing with the consequences of my past actions and involvements. Those shall be put on hold in the mean time while I secure business for the next upcoming few years. What's a year anyway? When you've lived a full life already, there's some people who live a century and still never actually lived it to the fullest.

With the economy the way it is and the absurd fact trump supposedly has covid. The lies of our government spread far and only few see through the guise of stupidity this country puts on.

Author Notes: Talent goes by. Wield yours as an ambidextrous switch blade as often as possible.

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6 Oct, 2020
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