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Latest Other Short Stories

Killer Move 1/3
Chess is a game for the mental warrior, but what if you die when you lose?
To strike a deal with a corrupted businessman is like striking a deal with the devil-a temporary wish can be granted, but the consequences will always, consistently catch you.
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From a medical intern who is utterly happy delivering lab results
Musing by HudaFatima
When you get out of rut after more than year of hassle, even delivering lab results feels like party.
All Audiences
What You Said
Poem by Highline
If this is for you, you'll know it
All Audiences
My Heart Is Like a Broken Vase
Story by laurenrjn
The Heart break the destroys you

Random Other Short Stories

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Old Friend
Poem by jemtayabann
This is a poem about a girl who has an old friend that left her out of the blue.
All Audiences
Story by Heartaches.13
This short story is all about what it's like to have and experience anxiety.
Kissing Me Goodbye
Heartbreak goodbye.
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Hero's Journey
Story by wise_6irl
Terra and Reverser They are two superheroes in a world of villainy
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Story by TheForgotten
There's peace sometimes in just watching snow fall...

Highest Rated Other Short Stories

I'll Come for You
Story by TheForgotten
A girl is devastated when she loses her fiancΓ© one day...
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Wikipedia Article
Story by TheForgotten
A girl searches her name online, what she finds surprises her...
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The Wind Knew
Story by Thomas Ray
A girl stuck in the well-lit confines of her city and home, and a boy far away living with his silent people in the dark. Both want to learn of the unknown around them.
I Am Only 14
Story by why_now
If you are looking for someone to understand...
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Journey of Perfection in Love.
Story by Imitation.o
It tells about the perfection in love. As no one is perfect in it.

Most Viewed Other Short Stories

Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: a Hamilton Fanfiction | Part I
Alex and John end up in a tree and Jefferson's an asshole. The 'Fluff Break' is by my friend (cross-referencing Hamilton and DEH (It's in Part III)).
All Audiences
no need to worry
Story by eternalcynic
no need to worry. The end is sure to come. It is inevitable. No one can escape it.
Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: A Hamilton Fanfiction | Part II
Part two. Pretty much the same description as before. READ PART ONE FIRST!
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #2
Story by WannabeArora
(if you have not read the 1 one I suggest doing so) My life taking a turn for the better? Sure. My life is really taking a turn for WEIRDER! What am I? Who am I? More importantly where did I leave my phone!?!
Now We're Together Mommy
Story by resie
A mother hate for her daughter and a daughter's love for her mother. Please rate.