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Latest Other Short Stories

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Madazine : A Nod To R.W. Service
Story by Scriptorius
A poem about the Yukon gold rush.
Halloween Kiss
a kiss that of course didn’t mean anything to him but meant the world to her
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Night Under the Stars 5
Story by Myrawiles
Luke asks Lilly to semi-formal
Poem by Annielol399
Broken time in life
In Defense of...
Story by Hopetrytohaveit
sometimes you can't handle that sadness in your heart you must learn to take it on yourself...

Random Other Short Stories

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Story by Franc68
A book on my theist philosophy.
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Story by 🌸Fate
Psychologists have gone mad and took over the black market. Want to destroy the government, but you are too afraid to do so? They are just waiting for your call.
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The Letter
Story by Kat
A high school student gets a letter from the college she wants to get into and battles on wether she should open it or not.
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Story by Neil A Hogan
On a brief trade mission to an alternate Earth, Cyndy is approached by a quasi-human needing her help to prevent her Earth's destruction. And, apparently, Cyndy will be at the center of it.
Not a Love Story
From my long story "Just Shut up and End Yourself".

Highest Rated Other Short Stories

I'll Come for You
Story by TheForgotten
A girl is devastated when she loses her fiancé one day...
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Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadset
Story by Savage3footer
Funny story about two kids on earth who encounter some problems. THERE IS A SECOND BOOK, So if you liked this one read it!
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Beyond the Darkness
Story by RainyMelody
This girl was bullied during all of her high school years. After her first taste of freedom, she can finally start a new life as an adult.
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The Good Samaritan
A fast paced story about a mysterious bystander that saves woman from a car crash, and gives her a new lease on life.
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The She Devil
Poem by RebelSoul
A small poetic break from my stories.

Most Viewed Other Short Stories

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no need to worry
Story by eternalcynic
no need to worry. The end is sure to come. It is inevitable. No one can escape it.
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #2
Story by WannabeArora
(if you have not read the 1 one I suggest doing so) My life taking a turn for the better? Sure. My life is really taking a turn for WEIRDER! What am I? Who am I? More importantly where did I leave my phone!?!
Now We're Together Mommy
Story by resie
A mother hate for her daughter and a daughter's love for her mother. Please rate.
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Story by lollipop13
This is a short poem of youth
The Gold Lighter
Story by robertmoons
A crime drama based on the 'tradition' of honour killings. Two men drive out of the city and out onto an isolated country road with someone in the trunk of their car.