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An Ass To Die For- AKA- A Good Day TO die Hard For ASS

An Ass To Die For- AKA- A Good Day TO die Hard For ASS

By eternalcynic


Ever since he could remember Michael Alexander was enamored by women with big asses. He used to look at women with big round asses; the undulations of their ass cheeks, as if they had a life of their own, and get turned on. He had diagnosed this predilection of his for big bums correctly- he had been an extremely shy boy, and continued to be a shy young man, who could not look at women upfront, lest they discover that he was looking at them. He did like women with big breasts, but girls had a way of discovering if one stared at their boobs. So subconsciously, he had developed this foible, nay, attraction for women's asses. He could stare hard and long at those massive ass cheeks rubbing against each other, without the fear of being discovered, and thereby being embarrassed.

He had developed a way of determining if a particular girl had a big ass while looking at her from the front- he could tell by looking at their thighs- if they had massive, juicy thighs, they were bound to have a great bum. And anyway, thick, fat thighs were an imperative to balance a humongous bum. So whenever he encountered big thighs, he turned around to let his eyes feast on butts that looked good enough to eat. He had had trouble memorizing his lessons at college but he had no trouble whatsoever in imprinting indelibly the sight of some beautiful woman's undulating bum cheeks, so he could jack of to that sight later.

And so he turned into a young man of six and twenty, painfully shy, but his proclivity for big ass stronger than ever. His only other interest was snooker, which he liked to play after work at a snooker parlor close to his house. He had made a few friends there, and to the folks there he seemed to be a nice, quiet, melancholy young man.

'Could you cash this cheque for me, please?' said a woman in a sweet voice.

He looked up from the ledger he was working on. Michael Alexander worked as a general manager at xyz bank, the largest in the country. He took in the sweep of this lady's thighs and decided at once that she was bound to have a killer ass.

'Sure ma'am,' Michael said, 'just deposit it at that counter over there and they'll do the needful.'

She turned around and the sight that Michael beheld made him gasp. In all his ass watching years, such an ass as this lady owned he had not seen. Not only was it big and round, it was wide and deep at the same time. Her narrow waist accentuated the sweep of her bum. Michael Alexander almost came staring at that sexy, big butt. He watched her go about her job, collect the cash and leave for the exit. He couldn't let this opportunity pass. It was as if he were acting in a trance; as if were hypnotized by the ass.

'Did get that cheque en-cashed, ma'am?' Michael asked the lady.

'Oh yes, thank you very much. I had no trouble at all,' she replied.

'Can I help you with those bags ma'am? They look rather heavy,' Michael Alexander said.

'Oh no, please don't take the trouble. I can manage very well,' she replied.

'No trouble ma'am. It would be a veritable pleasure,' Michael Alexander replied.

Before she could acquiesce, he had taken the bag of groceries from her and waited fro him to lead the way. He was again mesmerized by the sweep of that beautiful, sexy bum. A hundred yards of this bum gazing did in fact make him cum in his pants. Despite this release, his cock was still hard.

She turned around and said,' My house id just round the corner.'

He momentarily glanced at her big breasts. Oh yes. She had big boobs as well. Usually, it so happened that women with exceptionally beautiful asses had small breasts. But that was not the case here. Michael Alexander dared not stare too hard for too long lest she discover his gaze.

They reached her house, which was quite pleasant looking, and she invited him inside.

'I'm sorry for not having introduced myself earlier. I'm Elizabeth Jane. I work at the accounts office as an auditor. Today's my day off,' Elizabeth Jane said.

'Pleasure to meet you Elizabeth,' said Michael. 'I'm Michael Alexander.'

She brought him a glass of orange juice and they sat in the living room and conversed about sundry things. Michael found Elizabeth and exceedingly good conversationalist. After a while he got up to go. He told her that he'd better be getting back to the bank.

'Did you like my ass?' Elizabeth Jane asked him, quite suddenly.

'Excuse me. I'm afraid I don't understand your question,' said Michael Alexander.

'Oh come on! Do you think I didn't notice you devouring my ass with your eyes. The way you've been staring at my bum, I won't be surprised if the intensity of your gaze would have burnt a hole in my pants,' she said giggling all the while.

Michael Alexander was suddenly filled with courage. He knew not where this courage emanated from. Perhaps, Virgil, that Roman poet of yore, whispered in his ears,'Fortune favours the bold.'

'Lets find out if my gaze has burnt a hole in your pants,' said Michael. As he said this, he reached out for Elizabeth's substantial bum, which she readily turned toward him. She had dropped down on her knees with her butt sticking up in the air.

Without further ado, Michael Alexander, squeezed his face against Elizabeth's ass cheeks. The fragrance of those cheeks filled him with ecstasy. Elizabeth gave out a little moan of pleasure.

'No hole in the pants here ma'am. Not to my knowledge there isn't,' said Michael Alexander.

'Well, why don't you pull the entire pant down,' and saying this, Elizabeth Jane undid the buckle of her pant.

Michael Pulled her tight pants down and the sight of those big ass cheeks separated by a black thong made him cum again. He pulled down her thong as well and pressed his face against Elizabeth's crack, rubbing her ass cheeks against his face at the same time.

He licked her puckered brown rose, the taste of which he absolutely relished. Elizabeth Jane then turned around, and unfastening his pants unleashed his erection, which was wet with his cum.

'Oh,' Elizabeth Jane exclaimed, 'This big boy of yours has been doing a little bit of leaking.'

'I really couldn't help it,' said Michael, 'I just couldn't control it. This ass is to blame.' And thus saying he gently tapped her right ass cheek which gave out a perfect clap of a sound.

She got down and took his manhood in her mouth. She worked on it with great ardor; making Michael Alexander wince at times.

They both were completely naked now, and Michael asked her to sit on his face, as it had been his ultimate fantasy for several years.

'I've always dreamed of having a great, smooth, soft bum such as yours seated on my face,' Michael explained to Elizabeth.

'Anything for you, my Alexander the great,' said Elizabeth Jane. 'I'm sure you're going to conquer my ass, without having to fight any bloody battles such as the battle of Gaugemala , either!'

She was referring to the battle of Gaugemala fought between Alexander the great and Darius three, the king of Persia. Alexander had defeated an army that was several times larger than his, by sheer force of guts, wit and bravery. As Virgil, that ancient Roman poet of the Augastan period has said, fortune does indeed favour the bold. Alexander's decisive victory had led to the fall of the great Persian empire.

Michael Alexander lay down on the floor and Elizabeth Jane straddled his face, facing away from him. Michael Alexander was in ass land. His dick was hard again. Surrounded by Elizabeth's soft ass cheeks, he licked her puckered brown eye. Hitherto, he hadn't even paid any attention to her love tunnel; such was his fascination with ass.

At this juncture, quite a strange thing occurred. It being Elizabeth Jane's off day today, she hadn't had breakfast, having awoken late. She had planned to have an early lunch. On account of this temporary energy deficit, she felt quite faint.

Michael was having a whale of a time licking her ass cheeks here, shoving his tongue inside there. Try as she might, she couldn't overcome this feeling of weakness and fainted all of a sudden.

Her ass, in it's full glory, sat on Michael Alexander's face. He tried to get some air, but his lust for big ass kept him licking her butt. He was quite oblivious to Elizabeth's state of unconsciousness. Due to the lack of air, Michael Alexander too fainted. His face was covered by Elizabeth's enormous, beautiful ass.

It was quite long before Elizabeth Jane regained consciousness. When she did, she was aghast. She saw Michael Alexander, blue in the face, quite cold to the touch. She tried to revive him, but it was all in vain. Michael Alexander was dead to the world. He had been smothered by his lust, his desire for big ass.

Michael Alexander had actually dies of 'ASS FIXATION' (asphyxiation- meaning suffocation). Elizabeth Jane was filled with consternation. How was she going to explain this to the cops? Who would believe such an incredible story? Smothered to death by a beautiful, sexy ass? Indeed ma'am! Indeed!

That morning, when Michael Alexander had first laid sight on Elizabeth Jane's big bum, he had mused to himself, 'Now that is an ass to DIE for.'
He had indeed died for Elizabeth's enormous, erection eliciting ass.

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25 Feb, 2013

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