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I'm Satans Daughter
I'm Satans Daughter

I'm Satans Daughter

Andrew_And_AnaMentally Mina
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“Avalon,” my father says.

“Yes, Father?” I look up from my plate to see both of my dads standing there.

“We have an announcement to make.” Papa says, and takes a deep breath. “We’re sending you to a human school. TDSS’s prices for one year of school are going up. We’re just sending you to the human school above us. No restrictions. We’re tight on money, even though we’re the highest rank.” He says, and my fork drops on the plate with a loud clattering sound.

“What!? Humans are disgusting! I’d rather go to a dog school, at least they’re cleaner!” I shout and Papa flinches. A low growl rumbles through Father. “Papa, I’m sorry. I’m just surprised.” I pull him into a hug, even though I am about five feet shorter than him.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Jacob will be attending the school, too.”

“At least I won’t be alone. When do I start?”

“Next week. We wanted to give you time to say goodbye to your friends. You’ll be living with the witch that lives by the school.”

I sigh. There’s no way around this. “Okay. I’m going to get changed.” I stand up and go to my bedroom. I change into my black short shorts, a black tank top, leather jacket, and stylish boots. I grab my brush and a couple hair ties, then put my hair into a braid-bun.

I use my powers to find my school textbooks. The school doesn’t care much about actually teaching, they just hang out in the teacher lounge so the student can just be at the school, but we all are self taught. We learn from our mistakes and move on with our lives.

I walk out of my room and Papa and Father each kiss my cheek with the devil horns and tail tattoo. It’s a signature mark from my Papa that tells other people my emotions or starts blinking if I lose my temper. I have anger issues.

“Bye Papa. Bye Father. Tell Dad I said bye.” I say and go out the front door.

Leo and War meet up with me. “Hey, Ava!” Leo says. He’s bisexual. He has black hair with a few red streaks, coal black eyes, and a lean body.

“‘Sup,” War gets out before going back to his phone. He’s straight. He has gray hair, pure white eyes with no pupils, and a lean body.

“Hey. Oh, so, I’m moving to the human school up above. Papa says money is short, so Jacob and I are going up there next week for the year.”

“What? Dude, no! Who are we going to hang out with when you leave?” Leo asks me.

“Make more friends. You don’t always need me,” I say, but pull each of them into a hug. “We have a week to hangout, anyway.”

“Well, then we gotta get some casual clothes.” War says, and they both start dragging me in the direction of the mall.

“Hey! We still have school!”

War laughs. “The teachers don’t care about who’s not in school.”

“I am Satan’s daughter! If I’m not in school, the teachers are gonna assume I’ve been kidnaped by the Demon Mafia,”

“No, they won’t. Even if you’re Satan’s daughter, the teachers don't care where you’ve gone.” Leo says.

I sigh. “Fine. But only a few outfits! Only for important use. I’m sticking to my regular outfits.”

“Yay!” Leo shouts, causing War and I to laugh.

He grabs my arm and pulls me the whole way to Marley’s: Thrift Shop ‘n Food.

“I’m gonna go look around. Stay here.” Leo says, and it’s just me and War. We don’t have awkward conversations like sometimes with Leo. Probably because we died at the same time, same day, and we became instant friends. We have the ability to go to the Human Realm.

“I really miss hugs from people with actual warmth.” War says suddenly. Demons and Devils have no blood, so hugs from people here are always cold.

“Me too.” I say. War and I actually never touch each other - hands, arms, etc. - so he doesn’t know I actually have warm skin. It’s a flaw, I guess.

“Maybe Leo and I can transfer, too.” Hope is in his eyes when I look at him.

“Ask Boo. He’ll let you transfer if it means less money spent. And Leo can ask Gilian! She adores him!” I state.

“Great idea! Where will we stay though?”

“The witch by the school. She fosters, but she told Papa that anyone that comes along with Jacob and I can bunk there too.” I explain.

Leo runs up holding a long gown. “Try this on!” He shoves it into my hand and I go to the changing room.

I put it on, and love it immediately. It’s my favorite color - a plus- but is formal; black, with a long cut running from my ankle to my knee, and you can tie it around your neck. I walk out and Leo gasps. “It’s awesome!” He says and I do an exaggerated twirl.

“Nice.” War says and nods approvingly. Leo hands another outfit to me and I go back to the dressing room. This one is more casual then Red Carpet; sky blue long sleeves and a skirt with pandas covering it - I freaking love pandas - and the top has a panda with bamboo in its hands. Approved by Leo.

Next outfit; a regular dress, all gray, with leggings to go with it. Approved by Leo.

“Okay, this is it. I probably won’t even need them. Let’s go check out.” I grab the three outfits and go to check out--

“Ma’am?” A woman with shoulder length blonde hair says in a ‘tone.’


“Why are you wearing that color?” She points to my outfit and I look down at my black outfit.

“I want to…?” I’m confused.

“Young women should wear bright colors. And take that silly costume off!” She looks at my real wings and tail.

“I like dark colors, one. And two, no. These are real.” I say calmly. She grabs my wing and pulls it, and pain shoots through it. “Ma’am! Stop that!” The wing jerks and she gets pushed back.

She screams a high, shrill scream and a worker runs up. “What’s the problem, ladies?”

“She tried to hit me!” The woman says.

“No I didn’t. She said I should wear different clothing colors and pulled my wing. And, if you know about demons, hurts like stepping on needles or nails.” My wing still hurts and is hanging limply.

The worker looks at me and their eyes widen. “Oh Lord! I’m sorry, Princess Avalon!” He bows.

“No need to bow. I’m just here to get outfits for upcoming events.” I say and he stands straight.

He looks over to the woman. “Ma’am you will be sentenced to Eternal Retribution.” He grabs the woman by the arm and drags her off.

Eternal Retribution is pretty much Hell within Hell. It is where people who were pedophiles, rapists, serial killers, and other really bad guys go to be sentenced to their worst fear. Some people with spider fears will be sentenced to Spider Dream, where there are spiders of all species in their room. Some are scared of heights, so they’ll be sent into a coma where they dream about falling. When they say a certain word, they’ll be freed. They take a polygraph before they are freed, of course.

I check out and Leo, War, and I head to school.

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Mentally Mina
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7 Jun, 2021
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6 mins
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