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Salty Mama !

Sentimental_creature is from US United States • 15 y/o • Transgender

I fear I may be the only planet in my solar system.


I’m a writer, aspiring musician, drapetomaniac, and glass-blowing weirdo. I hate socializing, but yet I feel like I can’t live without it. Please never feel afraid to friend me or message me!

▔▔╰━╯╰━ WRARR

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17 Jan, 2019
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It’s everyone’s favorite curly haired freak

How are you today? If you ever need to talk I’m always here!

Please. I’m so lonely...

My personality in a nutshell.

Hey. I’m a psychopathic DDR champion with depression. I deal with separation anxiety and I hate being alone, regardless of what I tell you. I obsess over the stupidest things, and I’m very childish when it comes to certain stuff. I have some pretty major anger issues that I always try to improve, even if it never works. The people around me keep me smiling, fake or real, and I will forever be in debt to them. To cope with shit, I write songs, blow glass, play violin, and get people triggered by talking to them in French. I’m a maniac who never admits when she’s wrong even if I do, I’m lying through my teeth. The bad stuff about me is that I am a masochist and I don’t like talking to people about my problems, but I honest to god appreciate when they push me to do so.

I really hope you didn’t waste your time reading this, but if you did, thanks for wasting it on me. Love you guys

Signed, Salty Mama.


Theme Songs: Teen Idle (by MARINA), All Time Low (AJR), Prom Queen (by Beach Bunny), Show & Tell (by Melanie Martinez), IDFC (by blackbear), Time (by NF), 100 Bad Days (AJR), Happy Pills (Weathers), Painkillers (Ruel)

Favourite Food(s): Tacos, ramen, mac n’ cheese

Favourite TV Show(s): The Office, Wallace & Gromit, Steven Universe, others.

Favourite Cartoon Character: Ya boi Guzma (Pokémon Moon), Smee (Peter Pan), Kirishima (MHA)

Favourite Movie: Space Jam, Wall-E, etc.

Favourite Singer: Billie Eillish, NF, Melanie Martinez, Ruel

Favourite Word: Morosis

Favourite Band: The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, The Killers, My Chemical Romance

Favourite Anime: MHA, plus anything from Studio Ghibli

Favourite Sweet: Cheesecake is my ultimate fav but I DON’T DISCRIMINATE

Favourite Drink: Bubble tea!!

Favourite Book: You can’t possibly expect me to answer this.

Nationality: British. I be from wonderful England, pass the tea.

Fears: Most birds, elevators, tight spaces, failure, grapefruit, myself

Dream: To make the world better and truly feel happy.

Bad Habits: Masochism, drinking, swearing, puking up food I eat, being too clingy, pretty much everything about me.

Nicknames: Please give me nicknames. I love them so much.

Favourite Animal(s): Red pandas, sharks, dinosaurs

Ways To My Heart: Tiny children, food, cuddles, listening to my shit, nicknames

Favourite Pass Times: Escape rooms, violin, singing, art, confusing people with French, DDR


Extra Shit: My real name is Parker. SSHHH! don’t tell anyone!

Cool People: Zer0, Kurogane, SamZ, tayloremilyadaros, Optimism101, Thomas Ray, Andraaknas, Striker, why_now (these people are SO COOL)

WHY ARE YOU DOWN HERE?? (Seriously this stuff is bullshit go away):

- “The rain is your obstacle. Sure, it’ll bring you down, but without it, how else are we supposed to grow?”

- “Be blessed by my presence because my presence is a blessing.”

- “If you don’t love me, just say it to my face. Although it may crush my soul and shatter my heart, I’ll just put myself together again, even if I miss pieces. After all, what’s the harm in losing a little bit of yourself for love?”

- “Humans suck. They suck, especially when they promise to be there for you, whether asking your crush out or singing in front of the entire school, but instead, they take what you care about and keep it for themselves.”

- “Je déteste sourire. c'est simplement dire un mensonge au monde..” (Just use Google Translate)

- “Love is a scary thing. When you’re not careful, something could happen to it, and suddenly it’s gone. And when it’s gone, it doesn’t come back.”

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