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fish from outer space (pilot)
fish from outer space (pilot)

fish from outer space (pilot)

Sentimental_creature♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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~ prylyn, serpentine. prylyn city university. ~

It was barely shy of 2:00 am when the email came in, dancing across the screen of the laptop.

Mirri Amobi, a stereotypical drowsy-eyed and caffeinated freshman in college, slid the little arrow towards the blinking envelope in hopes of dulling the angry light. She could hardly make out any details, and suddenly her head felt desperately heavy under the weight of her headphones and her ram's horns- but to sum it up, Juno -- the slightly insane family friend every family probably has -- needed her help. Specifically, help at her work: an itty-bitty camp called Camp Estena. Estena was off the coast of nowhere, deep in the most-likely haunted forests of Teritori park. It wasn't terribly popular or successful, but some kids loved it enough to keep it alfloat.

Juno needed her help because apparently -- and unsurprisingly -- staff was low. She wanted Mirri to come be a counselor for a few weeks.

She was already uninterested, but the fact that it was in Carnelian, Mirri's home region, the mere idea of helping out was crushed under the heel of her fear and distaste. Although she'd be getting paid, quite a fair sum to be honest, it wasn't worth it just to go to that traumatic place and watch a few kids.

"Obviously, you're taking this opportunity. You ought to, you hermit," a voice said over Mirri's shoulder, like a sudden breeze of cool air. She whipped around in her chair to see Marjorie, her ghost of a roommate.

Literally. Marjorie was a ghost.

She had apparently died sometime in the 1690's after being rightly accused of being a witch. Her trial had been all the way in Chalcedony, and when Mirri was thirteen her family took her to a historical site in the capital.

That was where she met her, with her golden hair and human face and skin smothered with burns.

"I dunno why I'm still hanging around here. I'm not vengeful or nothin', I don't think. I guess it's not all bad, because I get to hang around cool places and meet people who can see me, like you," she'd said when Mirri asked why she hadn't moved on to whatever lay beyond their world.

Since then, Marjie had just stuck around her, teasing the trends of the 21st century and falling in love with modern boys that wore rings and had fluffy hair.

"I don't think I'm into the idea of going to Carnelian for such a pointless reason. Juno can find someone else," Mirri grumbled, going to close the tab and continue on with her work.

"You bratty little wallflower! THINK ABOUT THE PLANTS!"

Author Notes: i'll leave it at that! don't worry it'll make sense in the next part.

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10 Nov, 2021
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2 mins
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