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dance with me again
dance with me again

dance with me again

Sentimental_creature♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥

i don't think that i'm like you

but i don't know, i can't tell

the difference,

between you and me,

as i sit within this cell

staring at me sadly

we don't feel very well

it's so late, it's almost early

we're sinking into the later hours of suicide

this endless headache

it's lasted for year

you're staring right back at me

waiting for an answer

don't force me to think

what do you want me to say?

do you want me to tell you

who i am and what i'm for

i'm a loser, with addictions

i know pain without gain

and i'm stuck in one lane


for your turn signals


for the blurs

of continuing strife


to see cars that are bursting with life

all i want is a reason

a reason to stay

but at the same time

i crave

constantly to fade away

it's not that i fear you

you're me, i've no need to

it's just that i fear who

everyone wants us to be

and you say to agree

i might be you

and you might be me

but i need you to see

that we're different

oh so different

so as you corner me

and try to deceive

please, oh please

i pray

for a simple reprieve

just say yes, my love

if only for tonight

just say yes, my love

and dance with me again

sink with me in this grief

dance with me again

and swim with me in relief

Author Notes: tell me how you feel about this, because i don't know how to feel

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♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥
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19 May, 2021
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1 min
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