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Take Flight (Part Five)
Take Flight (Part Five)

Take Flight (Part Five)

Sentimental_creatureSalty Mama !
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~She poured her emotions on paper.~

She was in a complete state of shock when she saw them kiss again.

“That’s..great, Jeremy,” Everli said, “but are we still hanging out later today? They finally released the scary movie we—”

“Ugh, sorry, Everli, but Jeremy’s done hanging out with you,” Jeremy’s girlfriend spat. Everli winced. She looked to him for support, but all he did was nod.

That did it.

With a shattered heart, she left for home.


Her parents had left a note saying they were going on a trip and they’d be gone for a while. Everli was already sick to the stomach with heartbreak, and the fact that she couldn’t turn to her last line of defense was just like salt in the wound.

She ate some fruit and curled up in her bed, finally caving in to human emotion and began to sob. She cried for hours on end, and when she had calmed down, her mind was made up.


Tomorrow is the day.

Author Notes: Okay, so I said there’d only be one more part but clearly that’s not happening.

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Salty Mama !
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21 Sep, 2019
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<1 min

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