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take flight (part one)
take flight (part one)

take flight (part one)

Sentimental_creature♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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~the girl poured her emotions onto paper. ~

her name was everli. she had dealt with depression almost her entire life. her thoughts were sending her over the edge. negative thought after negative thought...

the bell rang, signaling the end of class. she stood, throwing everything into the bag she slung across her shoulder.

little did she know her notebook laid still, on the now empty desk.

she sat in the back of the lunchroom, alone. no friends; they’d all left her. she rummaged through her bag, eyes scanning through the bag’s contents for her little black notebook. everli cursed.

must’ve left it in the classroom, she thought. she stood and shuffled through the door and towards her locker to put her bag down. she noticed a small note taped to the front of her locker...

“you write so beautifully...the inside of your head must be awful.” everli’s face drained of color.

someone had her notebook. someone had her notebook and had read it.

Author Notes: hey guys. if anyone feels like everli please talk to me- or a professional! i’m here...always :) ok i know that sounds creepy but i mean it in the best way

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♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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17 Jan, 2019
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