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I'll Come for You
I'll Come for You

I'll Come for You

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I lived life with the belief that if you don't expect much from the world it won't disappoint you, and for a while I was right. And then I met Liam. There was something about the way his uniquely colored green eyes would stare into mine that completely erased every drop of cynicism I had.

"Cara get up." He whispered in my ear his face lighting up as I looked up at him.

"It's still too early." I whined, begging him to allow me five more minutes of sleep.

"I have to get to work Sweetie." He kissed my cheek gently before getting up.

Liam had never been a rich man, but his love was more wealth than I could ever imagine. He'd fill my head with his superstitious stories of reincarnation. Every single night he'd whisper in my ear that we'd be together for all of eternity and he would always come back for me. Being a Christian I'd laugh at his silliness and roll my eyes.

"Bye. Have fun at work." I answered he responded with a quick snort.

I ripped myself out of bed and took a shower.

"One missed call." The phone chirped at me. I checked my voicemail just in case, one new voicemail.

"Hello? Cara Foster? The fiancé of Liam Hensworth? I regret to inform you he died in a car crash this evening, please call if you need anything." I stood dumbfounded as I stared at the screen. Liam dead? This must be some sort of mix up, this cant be possible. I'm dreaming.

No. I'm not dreaming. Tears ran down my face as I absorbed the information. How could the world take him away from me? My tears turned into full on ugly sobbing.

Three Months Later

My heart still throbs on occasion. It still hurts. Seeing the color of tropical pictures doesn't help either, the odd teal of the sea only reminds me of him.

I glance at the trees surrounding me in the small park. Geese swarm the lake as an elderly woman throws what seems like pounds of bread into the dark water. I hardly notice as a young man sits down next to me.

"Lovely day to be at the park isn't it?" He states, I turn towards him. The first thing I notice is the peculiar shade of green of his iris.

Author Notes: A little something that popped into my mind.

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7 Jun, 2016
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