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The Moon: A Hopeless Romantic
The Moon: A Hopeless Romantic

The Moon: A Hopeless Romantic


I’m trapped in the heat that your burning skin radiates. As much as I would love to hate my entrapment it gives my heart something to do rather than darken as every day goes by. Exploring you seems to be my favorite thing to do nowadays, just the way your core shines through and brightens the whole galaxy leaves me in awe.

The smile plastered on your face is truly the sun in my world, to see you without it brings the darkest of nights. The nights that I bring light to as the moon. You are the sun and I am the moon. You are everything bright and clear while I am dark and mysterious.

We both hold a piece of each other that makes us both complete; your dimples are the craters that people see on the moon while my voice is the light from the sun. Even though we are separated by a boundless clearance somehow, we are so deeply and strongly connected to each other that if we did not work together the whole world would fall apart. For some reason, you don’t understand that.

I am profoundly, intensely and utterly in love with you as I know that you are the only one that I can love. I am in love with you -I am the moon- but you still chase the stars, chase them to the ends of this universe even though I am waiting here for you, patiently. We had a love so binding so strong that the universe had to keep us apart by instilling a cruel, torturous system that would forever keep a distance between us and yet I still long for your love. Without your love sometimes, I find it hard to be my whole self, eating myself up slowly but surely. I am not complete without you. The days, sometimes once a month, when you even take a glance at me I finally feel whole but only for a night because just a glance isn’t enough to fill this hole that I have dug in myself by loving you.

I wonder sometimes, what it would be like if we ever met eye to eye? would it be horrifyingly cataclysmic, or would it be beautifully chaotic? Either way, it wouldn’t be something you would enjoy while it would be something that would make my whole life complete.

Our love is forbidden, even if you wanted it. We were really Romeo and Juliet except in this story you save yourself and let me die with a broken heart. The moon is trapped in its love for the sun while the sun has freedom. I am forever the moon, a hopeless romantic loving someone who does not love me back and you are forever the sun, free from the pain of romance.

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5 Jul, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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