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AaronTheRocker is from US United States • 17 y/o • Male

Rock and Metal isn't just music, it's a lifestyle!😎 So crank it up!🔊 I'm out for the Summer. Toodles ✌


"I believe in Rock n' Roll!"- Twisted Sister
Most of my writings on here are most likely gonna be inspiration from Rock and Metal songs.

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13 Apr, 2020
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Let Me Tell You

Rock n' Metal are the best genres
Adore 80s and 90s fashion
Love nature and fishing
Jr. in High School
Participate in Track n' Field for New London High, WI

Favorite Genres: Horror, Romance, Fantasy (Fiction, High, Adventurous, Heroic)

Favorite Shows: Night Court, The Drew Carey Show, Two and a Half Men, Supernatural, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Favorite Books: Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Search For Wondla, A Walk To Remember, Thesauraus, Dictionary, Encyclopedia

Favorite Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Sleepless In Seattle, The Waterboy, Pay It Forward

Hobbies: fishing, hiking, writing, singing/air jaming, searching for lost, obscure bands/songs, researching history

Personality: kind, caring, empathetic, sometimes quiet sometimes talkative, chilaxed, easy going, passionate, smarticle, creative, hopeless romantic, comedy central in my brain, history fanatic, odd fella.

Holidays That Fit My Style: Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, 4th of July

Weird Things About Me: I can pull of women's clothing, I can clap my own hand (not hands, one hand), I have this thing for long hair, the longer the better. I think women wearing sweaters (not sweatshirts) is hot.

Fashion Sense: People say I have none, but I do. Simple and comfotable, or 80s and 90s with a mix

Some Fav. Bands: RATT, Fates Warning, Heir Apparent, Judas Priest, Silent Rage, ICON, Bad4Good, Nitro, Sleeze Beez, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Cutthroat, KiLLeR DWaRfS, Ana Black, Holy Soldier, Alice Cooper, Savatage, XYZ and many more.

Some Favorite Song Lyrics:
"You could find that voice, but you never learned to feel." - Fates Warning
"Believe the inconceivable, feel the unbelievable. Don't bother asking, "Is this real?"." - Heir Apparent
"I used to trust the media to tell me the truth, tell us the truth." - Queensryche
"Our love, our dreams have been erased, feel the chill of winter air engulf the world." - Autumns Silence
"I stand alone on the shore and let my thoughts escape to the sea." - Enforce
"God promised a paradise. Don't know if I'm dead or alive. Sweet dreams they were crucified. Living on the will to survive."- Masi
"We've got a reason, reason, reason to Rock!"- Rage of Angels
"Open up your eyes and see Summer's gone. Another season coming, another friend is gone." - Mind Over Four

So put on your spandex, get that "too-small-of-a-shirt" on with a leather or jean jacket and head bang that hair as we call for the Rock n' Roll Revolution!

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