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Horror Shorts #2
Horror Shorts #2

Horror Shorts #2

2 Reviews

The walls speak my name. Found out 3 murders happened in this house.

There’s a ragged doll laying on my bed. The same one I threw out yesterday.

Our dog only looks into the house, never came in. It growls like a stranger was inside.

When the lights are out and someone whispers in your ear.

A dark silhouette of a person keeps passing by outside the window. Then it appears inside.

Awoken and unknowing of how she got to this old abandoned mansion, she sees chains locking her arms and legs.

Working alone in my house as a gloved hand with a rag covers my mouth to see someone wearing a plague doctor mask.

Someone sat on my bed when I was trying to sleep. I live alone.

Laying in bed hearing a voice comforting my child on the baby monitor at two a.m. Turning to see my wife is sleeping.

Look to the left, right, down, behind, and forward. Just don’t look up.

“Hmm,” Richard said as he picked up an ominous piece of paper reading it, “He’s in the walls.” and a scuttle runs behind the wallpaper.

There once lived a woman on top of a hill in a mansion. Every Saturday she hosted a game with visitors that were kidnapped and put in the mansion with a blind and deaf person to hunt them.

The tapping on your window from branches now becomes tapping at your bedside from fingers.

“Is someone in here?” a man said asking the spirit box. A clear voice came through the static, “Yes”. “Are you dangerous?” the man asks. Static comes on again, “...Yes.” The man asks another question, “Where are you right now?” The voice now became a whisper, “behind you".

Author Notes: Please rank and comment on this. I'm also sure you don't have to read the stories as the banner is already scary enough. Much Love. Keep on Rockin'!

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6 May, 2020
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