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The Sound of Skyrim (The Sound of Silence Parody)
The Sound of Skyrim (The Sound of Silence Parody)

The Sound of Skyrim (The Sound of Silence Parody)


Hello, Skyrim, my old friend
I've come to play with you again
Because your music I went to find
The scenery brought peace of mind
And the dragons wail with a thunderous roar, soar the skies
within the sound of Skyrim

A Dragonborn it's my call
Conquest beasts once and for all
After escape from the fall of Helgen
I journey through mountains and fen
for my eyes met with a wide variety of fellowships, one accomplishment
And began the sound of Skyrim

In the monastery up on high
Greybeards live and where they die
Cloaked men who stay in silence
for their shouts would be defiance
And the minstrel who is far down below the clouds, gospels loud
Proclaim the sound of Skyrim

"Alduin," they said, "do not speak his name"
"World destruction is his game
Learn the language of the Dragon
Become the holder in sagen"
But to get there I must take one step at a time, and gain the strength
and speak salvation of Skyrim

People placed their faith in me
to slain what is my decree
Trek the storm top 'The Throat of The World'
see the scaled beast unfurled
to Alduin spoke
"Sahloknir, ziil gro dovah ulse!", a bound dragon soul
So began the ring for the world of Skyrim

Author Notes: Inspired by my recent return to gaming of the best open-world game, Skyrim.

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17 Mar, 2023
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