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Last Mile To The Stars
Last Mile To The Stars

Last Mile To The Stars


To the best of our science and knowledge
Data, Mathematics, Modules, Predictions-

Left- Clear?...

It fits the scheme to advance the stratosphere, escape-

Right- Clear?...

There is the chance we don’t reach as you are all aware-

Set System- Ready?

We’re counting on this to receive aid-

Engage All Systems-

It’s been good knowing you…


Ride high in black twilight tide
to moons, stars, planets, nebula
Soar distant ends, dead of space
these last miles we must go

Void, no you can’t deny or avoid
Clutch of authority close on you whole
Cosmos chaos enemies they know
Faster these miles we must go

Flashing lights scream aloud
The system disrupt, imploded
Plan under distress, just stay calm
Few more miles to the stars

Red Star Sharks, dictators, manipulators
hunt for a thrill, ready to kill
Pariahs in the skies, rebels with cause
for our last mile to the stars

Speed of sound, on our tail
enemies closing, we cannot fail
White grip sweating bullets, a burning machine
we race against tyranny to empyrean

Titanium struck, yield by plasma
Bolshevik weapons raid the air
“Stay on course, we have no choice”
The blue glow is our poise

The last mile to the stars
Reign of terror soon to be gone
The last mile to the stars
Hungry greed, starve what it feed
The last mile to the stars
Escape from their forsaken ways
The last mile to the stars
Don't let a beast steal what is yours
The last mile to the stars
Final seconds will we fall?
The last mile to the stars
Is there someone to heed our call?

Author Notes: Created my own version of a Space-Based Communist Flag. Typical Red/Mars Star inside a yellow star with the Red background. 6 rockets for the levels of Earth to space- Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere, The Edge of Outer Space. Top of flag read 'Across The Universe'- implementing communism throughout.

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18 Sep, 2023
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1 min
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