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Fountain of Gold
Fountain of Gold

Fountain of Gold

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Flowing, glowing, golden liquid slowly growing

The Fountain of Youth, a fountain all knowing.

Hidden in a forest surrounded by trees

They said it could cure any kind of disease

Flowing, glowing, golden liquid slowly growing

An intruder seeks a glass, his poor bride's heart continues slowing

He tumbles, he twists, he cuts vines in his path

He crushes leaves with his boots, inside him a growing wrath

Flowing, glowing, golden liquid slowly growing

"I've been searching for hours and hours and hours!"

"So where is the fountain with its almighty powers?"

He screamed so loud. To heal his wife is what he'd vowed.

Little he knew the fountain was near.

Spewing out gold for all mortals to hear.

The man continued his search

Surrounded by trees, leaves, and birch

Suddenly, he tripped on a twig he fell with a tumble

Through his mouth he let out a grumble

But when he looked back up his eyes widened at the sight

Across from him was a glowing light.

"A fountain so blazing. This is surely amazing."

The traveler ran to the pouring gold.

It looked exactly as the stories had told

He grabbed out his metal pail

But his mission he had already failed

He drank the potion all on his own

His promise to his spouse he had shamefully thrown

Out of greed so revolting,

His smooth skin began molting.

For the fountain can only be drank by a loyal soul

And his was only as black as coal.

For betraying his wife

A life for a life

And now he may rest next to the fountain of gold

Another old fable, a tale to be told.



Golden liquid slowly growing...

Author Notes: lemme know if u like it <3

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27 Jan, 2022
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