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Submission Guidelines

We like to make sure that Short Stories 101 contains stories that are readable to a certain standard and correctly formatted. When writing a story, please make sure that your story:

  • Uses correct punctuation.

    Please use full-stops, commas, speech-marks (“) etc. properly to make the meaning of your story/poem clear to readers.

  • Uses correct grammar.

    Please make sure the sentences are structured properly. Try to avoid slang or colloquialisms. DO NOT USE ‘text-speak’.

  • Uses correct spelling.

    Incorrectly-spelt words may be difficult to read, so PLEASE SPELLCHECK your work before submission. Please spell in full numbers, dates, time references i.e. ‘three-thirty’ for 3.30; ‘seventeen years old’ for 17 years old; ‘March fourteenth, twenty-sixteen’ for March 14th 2016.

  • Is not an erotic story and doesn't contain descriptions of sexual acts.
  • Is placed in the correct age-group, genres, and categories.
  • Does not contain personal contact details in the story itself.
  • Uses reasonable font formatting

    Please submit your work using reasonable font formatting and avoid excessive use of bold, italic, and the like (you can use them in your story for effect, however.)

  • Uses paragraphs.

    Please no long blocks of text, it's easier to read when formatted with paragraphs.

  • Is actually a story or poem.

    Only stories and poems are allowed on Short Stories 101.