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Is That Enough?
Musing by Durandal (16)
Sometimes you feel like people don't appreciate your help. But don't worry. You are enough.
<1 min
Words: 130
Read Time: <1 min
9 Billion 18+
Story by Danny Beeson (24)
The world is threatened with overpopulation. Food, water and space are all running out fast. In response, world leaders create a global one-child policy but what happens when that rule is broken?
20 mins
Words: 4184
Read Time: 20 mins
Poem by Friendly Monster (16)
I don't know why people like reading about other peoples feelings but here they are
<1 min
Words: 118
Read Time: <1 min
Overcoming Fear
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘Words Of Hope And Encouragement’
<1 min
Words: 164
Read Time: <1 min
A Sequence of Matters
Story by _Temerity_9031 (13)
I kept far enough away so I didn’t have an urge to kiss him again.
8 mins
Words: 1650
Read Time: 8 mins
The Promise
Story by Apurbo (18)
The tiring journey of a retired military veteran through life's harshest challenges that ends with a past catching up.
8 mins
Words: 1741
Read Time: 8 mins
A Joyful Christmas Wish
Story by Anthony C. Wolfe (46)
A man returns from abroad to visit his parents during the holiday season, but is greeted coldly by them, and becoming tired of the situation, he tries to make it through the festive period.
19 mins
Words: 3803
Read Time: 19 mins
I Believe In Angels
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’
3 mins
Words: 740
Read Time: 3 mins
Stepping Stones Of Truth
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘Words Of Hope And Encouragement’
4 mins
Words: 915
Read Time: 4 mins
My Escape
Story by Thomas Ray (17)
Lost in nostalgia.
1 min
Words: 316
Read Time: 1 min
Story by LeaSheryn (54)
A young man grows up in foster care, ages out, travels the country until he reaches NYC where his talents are discovered; he becomes a star.
5 mins
Words: 1121
Read Time: 5 mins
The Zeitgeist Of The Aquarian Age
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘Our World In Transition’
2 mins
Words: 450
Read Time: 2 mins
Death Take Me
Musing by Friendly Monster (16)
I'm not sure what to put here
<1 min
Words: 68
Read Time: <1 min
The Power Of Thoughts And Words
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’
10 mins
Words: 2064
Read Time: 10 mins
Just Chatting
Story by Scriptorius (83)
Presented with love by the partnership of Scriptorius and Aquarius
3 mins
Words: 787
Read Time: 3 mins
The Death of a Body, the Birth of a Song
Musing by coffeesoakedshoes (14)
What I wish for in death.
1 min
Words: 387
Read Time: 1 min
Nothing Else Matters
Poem by AaronTheRocker (17)
Receiving happiness for once because nothing else matters.
1 min
Words: 237
Read Time: 1 min
About Angels
Musing by Aquarius (83)
From ‘From Darkness Into Light’
8 mins
Words: 1767
Read Time: 8 mins
Calling With Your Thoughts
Story by Aquarius (83)
From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’
3 mins
Words: 753
Read Time: 3 mins
Confusing Love Part Eight
Story by Lemon Drop (15)
James confides in Atlas James pov
<1 min
Words: 171
Read Time: <1 min
A Blank on the Page of the Artist
Story by M. Frank (22)
Why does one stop out of a sudden while having great passion?
8 mins
Words: 1646
Read Time: 8 mins