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... the dimming of the light... Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 3 out of 5 Stars
Andy (Formerly Apemann) gave a rating of 2

To some extent I agree with Pietroshek's review. The presentation of your work is very annoying to read, what with all the silly and unnecessary dots... In addition your poor punctuation is jarring and the shortness of the various chapters you have thus far submitted make the whole exercise somewhat of a trial.

I suggest that you look again at your submissions - and look again at the site's submission guidelines - and decide whether they are presented as the BEST you can do. Re-editing and resubmitting as one or two longer pieces would possibly be a better option. There are other areas you can also improve upon with a little care and attention to detail.

Andre M. Pietroschek gave a rating of 4

With the fuss which was made about my stories, format, punctuation, and readability I was pretty surprised that other authors are not checked at all.

'The dimming of the light' makes it harder to read, as it does not separate the story text from dialogues, and I don't wish to read 30 more parts presented that way.

Contextually the chapter is too short, as it barely gives me a scene and plot to imagine before it ends. The trick is to make the readers want to read more, not to declare a single page a chapter.

As I did not voluntarily review this I give 4 stars anyway.

Thanks for sharing.


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