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16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 1
16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 1

16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 1

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Estreya woke up. The wind from the open window was to cold for her to keep sleeping. She looked over to see if Pine was sleeping, but she wasn't there. Estreya ran to the window as fast and silently as she could with out waking the other girls. She peered out the window and saw three figures talking under there breath. It wasn't a surprise seeing as the orphanage was in the poor side of town, so she went back to bed hopeing that Pine had just went to the washroom or to get a glass of water.

Three days earlier
"Come on!!!!!"said Pine. Pine and Estreya were walking down the hall, it was about five in the morning and they were the only ones awake, or at least, thats what they thought.....But, when they passed Mrs.Lacy's office they heard talking..."..must be three days...*whisper* *whisper*" Whatever, thougt Estreya, probably just some random video Mrs.Lacy is watching. So her and Pine continued there daily trip to the section of the library that only the staff of the orphanege could go into,allthough no one ever did.

Back to present
Estreye was thinking back on that memory in class that day, Pine had not shown up and Estreya was getting worried. As she was gathering her things for break, it sudenly occured to her, one of the figures the night of Pine's "kidnapping" (that was what she had started to call it) had had brown|silver hair, and so did Mrs.Lacy.....

Author Notes: Sorry about the name repeat. This is probably awful but whatever! Hopefully I will be able to wright the next chapters!

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22 Mar, 2019
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