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16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 2
16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 2

16 Moons Book 1: The Forgotten Clan Chapter 2

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Pine had been missing for 2 days now. Estreya didn't want to belive it, but it was the only explanation: Pine had been adopted. That is, it was the only explanation until the day Mrs.Lacy called Estreya to her office.

When she got there, Mrs.Lacy was waiting for her at the door and ushered Estreya into her office. Once in the room, Estreya noticed that the windows that were usually open "to get the little girl smell out" were closed, the curtaines as well.

"Do you know why you are here?" Questioned Mrs.Lacy."Um..No m'am" Sayed Estreya, focusing her gaze on the floor avoiding Mrs.Lacy's stare. "Okay then." Whispered Mrs.Lacy. "Here is the story of a young girl: Once apon a time, there was a man who fell in love with a women. The one problem was that this man was a wizard and wizards never marryed non magical folk. Despit the rules, this wizard......" After what felt like hours but was probably about 25 minutes, Mrs.Lacy finnished the story by saying:"Estreya, you are this wizards daughter, you are a witch, and i am your aunt." "I'm a what now?!?!" Yelled Estreya."Shhh! They can not hear us!" Whispered Mrs.Lacy. "Who can't hear us?" Whispered back Estreya, now a bit frightened by the fear on Mrs.Lacy's face."the Wizarding gouvernment. Anyway, now i must tell you the story of the Necromancy clan, also known as the "forgotton clan". Long, long ago, the four clans: the shapeshifters, the element benders, the fortune clan and the necromancy clan lived in harmony. Then, one year, a evil necromancy was born. He did truly evil things during his life, including forming the silver tongues: his followers. Starting from that point, the wizard gouvernment srtarted capturing and killing necromancies. you are the necromancy of this centrie. You have to go and rescue Pine from the gouvernment. They took her thinking that she was the necromancy. You will leave at sunrise"

Estreya had been silent the entire time but at the end she maneged to say:"Of course auntie".

Author Notes: Hopefully this chapter is okay!!!!!!!!

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6 May, 2019
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