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By: Spyro

She sat at her desk. pen in her hand, head down at the paper in front of her. She stared at her work knowing that she had to get it done, but couldn't seem to write anything. She caught a glimpse of lighting coming through her curtains. Thunder 'BOOMED' and the moon shone so bright and full. The air was cold and eerie. Her eyes kept trying to give up on her closing against her tired, red eyes. She managed to turn her head to her clock. It read 2:59am. The lights began flickering. They kept flickering until... they finally gave up. "Damn it!", she said. She could no longer see the paper on her desk. If only she had the eyes of an owl. Then there was a sound. The sound of a cat scratching, slowly against walls, glass walls. 'Hello, is someone there?'. Her voice was shaky and small. The slow sound repeated itself, scraping, ever so lightly, so slowly... 'scraaaape... scraaaaaape... SCRAAAAAPE! '. She sat up, alert, frightened by the suddenly deafening sound. It had come from her window. Something... someONE was there! She could hear it... so close. She stood up, and began tiptoeing, one foot at a time. 'CREEEAK!'. Her house was old and fragile. 'CREEEAK!'. Tiny beads of sweat made its way down her forehead and she had stopped breathing a while before. When she had finally reached the curtains, she lifted her arm, where small bumps had formed. She grabbed onto the curtain weakly and pulled, now having to use all her might. Then she saw it! Her eyes widened. She couldn't move and was glued to the ground. It became so cold it felt as if ice was forming around her. A human figure stared at her with it's eyes. Only they weren't really eyes, they were dark, black holes. Through its horrid grin, long sharp and torturous teeth were revealed. A long black tongue slid out of it's foul mouth, green gunk hanging down. It had flesh, almost white and so thin that its bones showed through. It's head tilted as it bought a long slender finger towards the stunned girl's pale face. It wanted her. It took its hand back, and with a sudden force, brang it forward again, this time pushing its long nail through the glass, the glass that had seperated the girl, from... it.

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10 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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