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Absolutely Nothing
Absolutely Nothing

Absolutely Nothing


A long time ago when I was about ten, my mom took me to the top of a mountain. She asked me, what do you hear? I said, I hear the wind, and I hear animals running around. My mom replied, yes, but what else? I said, nothing, absolutely nothing. That’s right, no city noises, no teenagers wailing about how they just lost three followers, nothing. That is what I want to hear everyday, I want to hear the wind, and the birds and all of the other things you can’t hear in the bustling streets of New York. Why did you bring me here? She replied, because I want you to experience what it was like before technology spoiled the world. I said, but technology is great! You can do so many things with it! She said, yes, I know, but isn't it amazing to feel the wind and feel the grass beneath your feet?

Now, I realize why she brought me to that mountain. She wanted me to experience what it was like to feel relaxed and just take a moment to feel the tranquility of the high mountain top. To this day, I remember that moment, that small amount of time that I could just...breathe. Although I was only ten, I understood.

Author Notes: Make sure you take a moment to live without technology and try to not be addicted to your phone 24/7. ;)

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24 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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