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Addiction's a Pain Reviews

Andy (Formerly Apemann) gave a rating of 3

I have read all of your work so far.. and it's pretty depressing!

I understand the need to express oneself through writing. It's often helpful and has proven to be therapeutic.. However, I'm not so sure that posting so much deep personal pain is really the right way to go...

Interestingly, if you turned your mind to more interesting and positive topics, you have the capacity to write very good poems (and perhaps stories as well?). You have a nice way with words and a good manner of expression. I'm sure there is a lighter and more upbeat side to you that is just bursting to be set free.

Go on, give yourself a chance! :-)

Sam Tyler
Sam Tyler I understand where you're coming from. But a majority of the heavily depressing works are from a darker more depressing time in my life. I've actually been doing a lot better and look forward to writing more upbeat sort of poems.
I can see where you're coming from about potentially not posting such personal writing, but to me I aim to help some people realize that they aren't alone.
Thank you though, for the compliment on my work. I will give lighter more upbeat things a chance :)
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