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Again 1\3: Us 3 Again
Again 1\3: Us 3 Again

Again 1\3: Us 3 Again


Wednesday the 19 of June. Or in other words, the before last day of school

Me, Sara, Jacob, Maya, Isobel, Elliott and Hamdi (forgive me if I forgot someone, I have a terrible memory) went to hang out at the park.

We played at the park for a bit some of us cried (our before last day just us).
Then went to Quickie.

We were walking back to the park from Quickie when Hamdi said he had to go to Bridgehead to meet his dad.
Suddenly the bus Isobel had to take turned around the corner and her and Maya ran to catch it. After this Maya walked home.
On are way home, Elliott left to go to his mom's house.

So, when we got to the park, it was only me, Jacob and Sara.
"I guess it's only us now!" I said
"I guess so!" Was Sara's response.
Jacob stayed silent. We looked over and..............he was gone!!

Well we thought he was gone , but really he had fallen asleep and fell off the bench.

After a while we got bored of playong truth or dare and they both took out their phones. Thanks to mom and dad for not getting me a phone (or any electronic).....Sigh, sarcasm. That's what they would say if I said that to them.

Thursday the 20 of June. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, me, Maya, Sara, Isobel and Jacob went to sundae school. After a while, Maya went home to cook supper and Isobel left for the bus.

"Look who it is again!" Said Jacob.
"Wow, us again" I responded.
We eat our ice cream and talked about stuff.

Author Notes: You happy Sara? I actually did it!! She asked me to write this after it happened twice or three times. So yup...... I don't really care if you like it because it was just for proof that I would write it. Sorry to the people I forgot (if I did) or if you guys changed the way you see your self ( he, she, they, etc.).

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11 Jul, 2019
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