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macymakMacy Smith

I know we are far apart

But you’ll always be in my heart

You make me happy when im sad

When I think of you im glad

Glad to have such an amazing person in my life

In you I confide

I don’t have to hide

Your always on my mind

Always so kind

I know we’ve never met

But I can bet

One day we will

I wanna steal your hoodie

I wanna steal your heart

No distance will keep us apart

As soon as the sun does rise

Your the first thing I see when I open my eyes

I wanna hold your hand

I wanna kiss you softly

But when I hear your name I miss you awfully

You make my day

You make my hour

But in my eyes you are my flower

My sunshine on dark days

My life preserver while in the waves

Nothing can compare to you

Even during those first couple texts I knew

I know nobody perfect

But last time I checked

Your my definition of it

Thank you for being here

No matter what happens

I love more than you’ll ever know

To you my love I bestow

I want to be the one you count on

From dusk till dawn

I am in love with you

You got me so attatched

But you an me

We match

Dont ever think you are alone

For I am here

Always to stay

I love you more each and every day

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Macy Smith
About This Story
26 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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