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All I Can Do Is Cry
All I Can Do Is Cry

All I Can Do Is Cry

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There is a her. He talks about her. Always . He writes about her. A lot. He is in love with her. I wish he wasn't. He is my best friend. He told me her would always be my best friend. And he is. I want him to be happy. But I am in love with him. It has been that way for a long time. Before there was a she. Then she came. I don't like her. She is to perfect. She is to pretty. To nice. She doesn't even seem real. I wanted him first. He belongs with me. It has always been that way. Why does it have to change now? He loves her. And there is nothing I can do to change it. I wish he wasn't. Because I want him so very badly. But there is a she. And I watch them kiss. And I watch them hug.I watch their love. And I wish things were different. I wish there was no she. That there was only a me. But there is a she. And all I can do is cry. When no one is watching. All alone in my room, holding on to memories of the past. Trying to let go. But there is a she, and all I can do is cry, and wish things were different. Even though I know they never will be. She will never go away. There will always be a them. And there will never be an us. And all I can do is cry.

Author Notes: Wow this one was really hard to write, it is pure and extremely real feelings, and, to my he, ik you dont know that this is for you, but I love you.

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28 Aug, 2019
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