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The Unwanted Visitor
The Unwanted Visitor

The Unwanted Visitor

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The Unwanted Visitor

By Spyro

You pesky pest. You creepy critter. You should not be here, why are you here? You were never invited. Your long antennae twitch. Your broad, flattened body makes me sick, and those long hind legs, each of your six legs with tiny hairs makes me quiver. You'd better shoo or you'll GET the shoe, right on your hind legs, long antennae and broad body. 'SQUISH' you'll surely end up dead. Why did you come? Why did you visit? You don't belong, in my home. Hideous, revolting, foul, theres no other way to describe you. I see you, so is there more? Have you laid your eggs, have you bought in your nymphs. I dispise you, you sickning thing. You're the worst, you're a curse, what could you possibly want from me? One look at you and its as if i've become a vampire whos been exposed to garlic, but instead... instead its your oily, oval shaped brown body and spiny legs that allow you to run quickly across the surface of my home walls. You disgust me. Go away. Go anywhere but here. You dare to visit again. Shoo, and don't come back. I hate you and I never want to see you again! You have been warned, you nasty beast, because I am NOT your beauty.

Author Notes: I thought of this story after a cockroach scared the bees wax out of me!

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19 May, 2019
Read Time
1 min

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