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As Long as I Live: Part 3
As Long as I Live: Part 3

As Long as I Live: Part 3

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I'm sorry! I didn't mean it to end this way!

Why would you do this to me?! I can't believe you!

How can I make it up to you?

You can't! Do you know how much you hurt my feelings?

You have no idea how sorry I am.

I can't believe you don't trust me.

I screamed in her face as we both stormed down the hallways, she was chasing after me.

Alex! Please don't go! I didn't mean for you to hate me. Please, calm down.

No! How could you act so rashly?! Why would you test me when I gave everything to you? I tried my hardest to make you happy! Yet you return me with a test to see if I will still love you? Seriously?!

I know you love me, I just..I don't know.

I loved you more than anything Amy. I would have given almost anything up for you. I can't believe I'm even talking to you right now.

I ran out of the building and rode my bike home. I couldn't believe her.

What's wrong honey?

Nothing. I'm fine.

C'mon I'm your mom, you can tell me anything.

Please leave me alone.

Fine, but when I call you, you're coming out for dinner.


I walked up to my room and slammed the door. I wanted to cry into my pillow for the rest of my life. I heard a buzz coming from my pocket. It was from Amy. I sent it straight to voicemail. I tapped on the voicemail message.

I know you hate me right now, but I promise, I'll make the few minutes I have to speak with you worthwhile. I wanted to test you because I thought you liked Victoria. She is always looking at you, and I got jealous. Please forgive me.

I sat on my bed and sighed. I deleted the voicemail and flopped down on the comfy comforter. I heard my mom yell up the stairs.


Alright! There is someone here who would like to speak to you!

I paused in my tracks and peered at the door from my bedroom. Sure enough, it was Amy.

Please forgive me. As long as I live, I will remember that I have failed you, that I have disappointed you. I promise, I will try harder to appreciate you just the way you are. Even if you don't love me, I will love you.

Amy, I could never cease to love you.

Author Notes: Yay! Part three! I hope you enjoyed it! XD
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Two Hearts and… a Mountain,

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1 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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