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A Battle I Thought I Could Win.
A Battle I Thought I Could Win.

A Battle I Thought I Could Win.


It was my treasure. Yeah, I may have found it from you. But it was ultimately mine to keep, you neglected it. You never cared for her. I did absolutely everything for the girl, I gave back her happiness, her smile. I gave her something you were never capable of doing. I gave her love.
I took her away from people like you, people who used this treasure whenever they were in need. People who took shit for granted. She became mine to protect, I polished this hidden gem. I betcha that's when she caught your attention, right? You found it hard to separate the both of us, so you brought up help, excuses, and just pure fuckin bullshit. And like any other day, you get what you want. You tricked my gem, my love, my girl. Into going back to you. She's wrapped all-around your finger, doing everything for you. But I can't just watch this and feel as if my heart is being dropped in hell. I have to go. I loved every single fucking second with you. I never thought I'd lose like this, I never thought that I would lose you. It hurts. It aches. Its torture. But in the end, this just means it was a battle I was meant to lose.

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13 May, 2021
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1 min
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