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A Bunch of little poems

A Bunch of little poems

By sidney

#1: Dear sweater,

Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for letting my salty tears soak your sleeves, and thank you for covering up the extra pounds on my stomach. Thanks for making me feel safe when nobody else did. You made me feel protected and offered that extra layer or security and shelter from the reality around me. Thanks for covering my scars, the old and the new ones up and down my arms. Thank you for understanding. Understanding everything that nobody else did. You also comfort me in times of grief. sweater you know the most about me. You know I need you the most at 1:00am, that’s when it safe to let everything out. That’s when everyones asleep so they won’t hear me sobbing, when I’m ready to give up. Your sleeves didn’t only soak my tears but they soaked up the blood that the bandages couldn’t. I wish someone would need me as much as I need you sweater, I couldn’t imagine life without you.

#2: Not What you want

i’m not the girl that turns heads when I enter a room. And I’m definitely not a girl that’s scoring 100% on every test in school. But I listen, and I’ll care. I will be there when you need me. i will ask about your day and take the time to actually listen to your respond. I will let you rant to me with no judgement. I will offer you my shoulder to cry on. I will stay with you through your toughest moments… I just ask one thing. Don’t forget me when your tears stop falling. Or when your friends start talking to you again. Don’t use me and abuse me for my softness. Yes I’m soft but I’m not clueless. I can hear your whispers and i can feel it when you stare at me. Please treat me like I’m your friend not your therapist. But if a therapist is all you need I’m cool with that, just tell me. Don’t lead me on in our fake friendship so I don’t waste my time.

#3: Trust

Trust, without trust there is not safety, no security. It is the the strongest yet most fragile thing you can give to someone. Giving your trust is like exposing your true self the the outside world. You are placing your life in their hands and with one word from their mouth everything could change. your world as you know it could fall apart. There is such a deeper meaning the to this 5 letter word that no human will ever be able to explain. I’ll try my best. Trust is when you are the most vulnerable. it’s when you trust someone it’s like a scrapped knee, vulnerable to all the bacteria around you. But you trust the bandaid to stay on stay with you.

#4: Falling

I have this dream where I'm falling

And I’m falling

And falling

And falling

Until it stops.

everything’s stops.

And there’s nothing

I remember nothing after that point

Except the feeling of falling

I know it’s a dream

But it feels so real

So how real is reality in a dream.

I wonder what it means

What the dream might be trying to tell me.

Am I drowning

Drowning in all my unspoken words.

Am I trying to leave behind my problems

Or do I just deserve to fall

Do I deserve To just drop so low that people can hear my screams for help?

Or Is it mocking me

Mocking my mental stability.

And how it continues to plummet

after Every fight,

every meal,

every friendship that ends.

Or maybe its my soul just trying to get away.

Author Notes: should I expand on any?

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2 Jun, 2020
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3 mins
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