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Cars in the Dark
Cars in the Dark

Cars in the Dark

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It was a cold dark night, it was mid-December and I clearly remember it was foggy and my friends and I did a shortcut to get to our houses faster, it was a dark and shaded by trees. We thought taking the shortcut was a good idea at the time... Not until we found the car, my friends and I look at each other with curiosity we walked closer to the car, it stank really bad as if there were dead animals on the car itself, my friend John said
“Maybe we should open it, maybe there could be valuable stuff in there”
I replied “Maybe not, there could be something in there that we shouldn't see"
“What's the harm in a little fun ?” said John
She opened the driver's seat door, to reveal a knife, newspapers, and an old cloth filled with red liquid on it, we gasped in the horror.
“We should get going !” said Oliver
We nodded but before we left we saw a piece of a shirt sticking out of the trunk, we looked at each other with fear in our eyes, I went to the trunk, John tried to stop me and said
“Haven’t you watched horror movies and seen what happens when the victim opens it and it doesn't go well ?”
“Maybe someone needs help !” I replied
I proceeded to open the trunk when a wave of a nasty scent crept into my nose, we all covered our noses, only to find a dead body all skeletal with pieces of skin still attached to the bones, we all screamed and panicked not knowing what to do, when suddenly my friends and I looked up from the trunk to see a dark figure, we all screamed and ran, we ran like there was no tomorrow… be aware of abandoned cars the truth is..we don't know what happened...

Author Notes: This is called when I am bored...

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31 Mar, 2022
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