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Chances 1
Chances 1

Chances 1

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"You said it was a mistake but you... You are a damn lair. If you were sorry, why didn't you kill yourself? Why didn't you repent your dirty sins?" The woman spat out as she pushed the gun deeper into the chest of a girl in her mid-twenties. "Answer the question!" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs.

The girl looked up slowly. Her eyes showed nothing, no remorse or guilt. "There is nothing I regret. Your husband was my friend. I understood him more than you ever did. So yes, I killed him, but only because he wanted me to!" She shouted, as the other woman pulled the trigger. Then everything turned white.

A little eight-year-old girl, jumped out of bed in fright. She accidentally hit her nightstand and knocked off the clock. It made a loud crash on the floor. The girl turned her head towards the door in fear.

Suddenly, a loud bang came on the door along with a woman's banshee voice, "Damn it, Hope! I am going to come in there and kick your damn ass, if you make another noise."

Hope held her breath, waiting for the woman she called mother to leave the door. Waiting five minutes, she finally let out a long sigh and walked to her bathroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror, frowning at what she saw. Her eyes were blood shot. Her little arms and neck had dark bruises on them. Her lips were red. She shook her head in disapproval.

She turned on the shower. She put her hand in the running water to feel when it got hot. Her mind drifted off into the nightmare she had. Only moments later, when the water burned her hand, she snapped out of it. She looked at the red flesh and shook her head sadly.

After the hot shower, she dressed, putting on her pants, shirt, shoes and jacket, which hid the scars. She opened her door carefully to make sure it made no noise. She walked past her parents’ bedroom very quietly.

However, she overheard her parents argue, "Damn it, Austin. Can’t we just throw her out somewhere far away? I am tired of taking care of that child of yours."

"For the last time NO! She is staying here. I love her too much to lose her."

"Come on Austin. Think about with her gone we have more us time."

"I am warning you, one more word about Hope... I am going to beat the crap out of you and throw you somewhere far away."

Hope just stared at the door. When they finished arguing, she went downstairs to the front door. She took a deep breath and put a big smile on her face. She walked out on her way to school.

After she went down five houses, two boys ran toward her. Both were in front of her. "Hope wait up." One of the boys shouted.

She didn’t answer, but kept walking, not wanting to stop for anything or anyone.

"Hope! Hope!" He kept shouting her name until the boys were next to her. "Hope come on. Don't you remember us?" The boy went to grab her arm. She flinched, as he tightened his grip. "Hope answer me!"

"Ted, she is a mute, remember." The other boy said coolly, as he walked next to her.

"Oh yeah, I am sorry, Hope. I forgot." He shouted.

The boy sighed and glared at Ted's shouting, "Ted, she isn’t deaf. She can hear you perfectly. Mute means she doesn’t speak or make a sound. Let go of her arm. You can tell she doesn’t like to be touched."

Ted looked at his older brother, "Alright, I get it James."

Hope turned to James and smiled brightly.

As if he understood her smile, he blushed and looked straight at her. "It was nothing, Hope."

When they were in front of their school, James waved goodbye, as he went off to class.

Ted smiled as he stared at Hope, "You know, since the summer, I didn’t know we went to the same school. Guess what? We have the same lunch. I will see you then."

Hope just smiled, as he went inside. She took another deep breath for today and went inside. As always, she was the quiet one in class. She would be a loner, but her classmates were the same as last year. They knew all about her. They weren’t afraid to talk to her. They invited her to play in class. They treated her well and nice. She loved school. It was what made her day so great.

As the last few minutes of class ended, she picked up her bag and walked home. This time neither of the boys were with her because they got a ride. When she saw her house, her smile disappeared and became a frown.

When she took her last steps to the door, she stopped and stood there, afraid to enter. God wasn’t on her side again. The door flew open. Her stepmother stood in front of her with a belt in her hand.

"What the fuck are you just standing there for? Get your ass inside, you have work to do."

Hope walked in and turned around to close the door. Her chance to run away to somewhere safe was best at this point, but she knew it wasn’t time, not yet.

Author Notes: This story is base on some truths that as been covered in fiction story.

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11 Apr, 2016
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4 mins
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