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Coco Pt.2
Coco Pt.2

Coco Pt.2

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Josh and I lay down on the ground immediately. I hear someone crying uncontrollably and I wish she would shut up because she will only cause more chaos. A man who seems to be there leader speaks up, “Where the hell is Phoenix!?” I wince at my name and hope no one pretends to be me. They would kill them. Getting impatient, he shoots up in the air aimlessly and screams “I know you’re here! Just get up and I won’t hurt anyone here!” I can’t fight him wearing this dress but if I press the button to change clothes he will notice me. I kick myself in the leg because I know I will regret this decision. I lean over to Josh and whisper in his ear, “I’m so sorry for this.” and I kiss him gently on the cheek. “Coco, what the hell are you doing?” I start to stand up and say, “What’s up dipshit?” He seems pleased to have found me and without hesitation, I press the button under my shoe and jump up really high in the air. When I land back down, I have changed into my “superhero outfit” which is a close to the bod jumpsuit in a maroon color. On my back, I carry two swords that I have practiced with since before I could write a sentence. In one hand hovers a ball of water floating and in the other was a flame.

I guess now is time to tell you what powers they gave me while undergoing all the treatments. I can Make out of thin air fire and water and control it. I am not affected by either one. I can breathe underwater and won’t get burned at any temperature with fire. I can also make the people I wish be able to not get burned for a certain period of time and be able to breathe underwater.

“Let’s get this over with” I say...

Author Notes: I hope you guys enjoy this story and I will be writing more soon. Comment how I can write better and improve. Thanks so much for reading!

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7 Apr, 2019
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