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Hi! My name is Coco. I just moved to L.A. and I am starting at a new school. It was my first day. I needed to keep my identity a secret. I couldn't let anyone figure who I really am. I have had to move 3 time in 2 months. The truth is, I'm a superhero. You probably know who the avengers are, well... they're real. Not exactly how the movies made them to seem but they got the powers pretty close. I was born in Germany into an extremely poor family. I had 4 older sisters and 3 older brothers. My father and mother had seen a poster which said they would pay 100,000 dollars for a newborn. My parents made the difficult decision of giving me up. They were both heart broken but they knew it was the only solution. They went to the building and knocked on the door. A man with a strange thick accent opened the door and asked what they wanted. My parents explained why they were here and the man said he would gladly take the baby. He took me into the house set me down on the table and went back out. The last thing I heard was my parents asking where the money was and he responded with "Right here" and he pulled out his gun and shot them in the head. I started crying. They did experiments until I was 5. That's when I met the avengers. They bursted in and shot everyone but not to death. They found the head men and asked questions. That's when Hawkeye noticed me in a tub of acid. I wasn't in pain cause that had been happening for years. He took me out and they brought me home. That started to teach me basic skills of life, how to use my powers and what to tell people about myself and my family. Sadly, I have to move a lot either because bad people are always trying to kill me or kidnap me and brainwash me. I promise to myself that this time, I won't let that happen. When I arrived, everyone looked at me and I introduced myself. A really cute boy and a girl that looked nice invited me to their table. They said their names were Abigail and Jake. They hung out with me for the rest of the day and it felt like they were actually my friends. The next day, I had this feeling that I would be eating lunch by myself but to my surprise, they were still super nice. They even told me that there was a dance on coming that Saturday. I was so excited!

Classes were going pretty well and I understood everything that was going on. Abigail told me Jake was thinking of asking me to the dance and I swear to god, my heart stopped right there. I couldn’t believe it! Jake was going to ask me to dance with him! Abigail invited me over before the dance so we could get ready together. I decided to wear a short to long red dress with feathers on the bottom to make it look like fire. It was stunning. When we arrived, Jake was waiting there at the door with Abigail’s boyfriend, Josh. We all walked into the gym which had been transformed into a beautiful dance floor. We had been dancing for at least forty five minutes when the first slow dance came along. Jake and I both looked at each other and smiled he came over to me and said “Coco, may I have this dance?”. We both burst out into laughter and put our arms around each other. Ten seconds later, the windows shatter and a dozen armed men come in and start shouting for everyone to get on the ground. I say “You have gotta be kidding me!”

Author Notes: This is only part 1. I hope you guys like and comment below what I can improve on for the next chapter. Thanks!

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1 Apr, 2019
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3 mins
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