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A spotlight. Darkness. Nothing but a light shining onto a table, and on that table a pastel pink rotary dial telephone. Surrounding the table was, once again, nothing. A darkness so deep that you can't see two feet in front of you. But he felt a presence. He knew there was something else there. Like a darkness sandwich, he stood opposite the presence. Him, the phone, and… something else…

The phone rang. Not the way a phone should ring. It rang slowly and had a sharp chill to it. A few rings per second- ring, ring… ring… ring, ring, ring … A minute passed. Two. The phone still rang. His head spun with visions and blurs. An odd sensation coming from the back of his mind told him he shouldn’t touch it. But… I mean it’s only a phone, why don't I just- He began to uncurl his arm, palms sweaty, but outstretched towards the thing. Suddenly, a slender, pale white arm reached out of nothingness and towards the phone, faster than he could. The hand looked completely flawless. Smooth skin, almost as if it was glass. The voice echoed through the dark abyss of nothing, shattering all silence and any sense of comfort that hung in the air.

“Hello?” That voice. It sounded so familiar.

“Ok…” something shifted in the voice. It went rogue and that sweet, beautiful tone melted away into a chortle of disturbing cacophony

“No, we don’t,” The voice was something of nightmares. “Now hang up the phone before you w-.” Knox awoke in a cold sweat and shrieked. That was a mistake, because another boy in his cabin woke up, and Knox pretended to be asleep. Play it cool, play it cool… What the hell just happened? What was that? What’s going on??? Knox glanced around the room, terrified, goosebumps crawling on his arms.. C’mon man, pull yourself together. If someone hears you, you’re dead meat. You’ll be that stupid camp baby who's the laughing stock. Though it was only Knox’s first night at Camp Phoenix, he knew it was going to be a long two weeks.

* * *

Knox woke up in a very uncomfortable cot in a dank, and musty cabin filled with 6 other sweaty, awkward, post-pubescent boys. He tried to gather what had happened through the night, but could only recall flashes of the dream last night. Dream? Knox thought. Was it a dream cause it felt sort of like a nightmare… Maybe… I’m not even sure what it was, but it was something. He didn’t want to think about it. Rolling lazily out of bed, and getting dressed, Knox grabbed his backpack full of hiking necessities and headed to the mess hall. He trudged slowly through the misty morning fog and tried not to run into anyone, and avoid making eye-contact with counselors. This camp is already crap, let alone running into 7 year old boy scouts and stupid teenage girls who complain about cell phone service.

Once at the mess hall, Knox grabbed a tray and moved along the line gathering breakfast, and sat at a table with a few boys he didn’t know.

“Dude! Did you hear that yesterday's day-hikers didn’t get back from the mountains ‘till eleven o'clock?” Some boy shouted across the table to another.

“Yeah, I wonder what those girls were doing out in the mountains so late. Probably messing around and talking about ‘hot boys’ and taking snapchats of whatever. They’re what? 13 years old? Yeah, their counselor is only like 16, most likely joining in on the fun too. Damn, they’re lucky, getting to stay out so late.”

“George! Language! There are children present,” said a counselor at the head of the table. He looked no older than 16 himself.

“So what, Nelson?” George replied. “Who’s gonna stop me? Not you, that’s for sure. Dayuuuuum. What’re you gonna do about it?” Nelson looked like he was about to burst into tears. Poor guy. Knox hadn’t been around these campers for nearly 2 minutes, and he could tell that they were already jerks. He didn’t want to stick around, but he also didn’t want to sit by himself and look like a loser.

Sitting at the picnic table, Knox ate breakfast quietly, still looking for any excuse to get up and away from these guys. Seeing a girl sitting by herself at a table, not eating, and staring forward with a glazed expression, intrigued him. He picked up his tray and moved toward her table. He heard the group of boys laughing and talking behind him as if his presence wasn’t there in the first place.

“Hey.” the word sat in the air. Knox shuffled uncomfortably. He wasn’t very social in the first place (being the introvert he was), so talking to someone new was a little bit harder for him. Nobody said anything for a second before Knox broke the awkwardness.

“I’m Knox, you are?” Nothing. No reply but that same, shocked, glazed expression. If she doesn’t respond… I don't know. Knox didn’t didn’t know what to do is she didn’t respond. He was about to pick up and walk away when he heard a small whimper. It sounded like a lost puppy. He turned around to see the girls face frozen in a disturbed look.

“Hey, are you ok? What’s wrong?” Knox said in a rising concerned manner. He didn’t know her, but if this had anything to do with that hiking group being out so late, he wanted to help. Sort of. He didn’t really want to help, but he needed some sort of drama to keep him sane at this boring camp.

“It was there. I saw it.” The girl said almost inaudibly. Her eyes widened, and she began to shake and cry.

“What was there? Tell me your name and what happened and I can help you.” Something about this girl was messed up. He didn’t really have any business with her, but if she was seriously wrong in the head, he wanted to get her to a clinic or something.

“I-I don-n’t kn-know.” The words barely managed to escape her lips as she was crying and shaking so furiously now. Knox began to panic. He sat across the table from her, hands wrung in despair, as she had stopped crying, but was still shaking in fear.

“I’m going to ask again. What is your name?” Her eyes widened to what seemed like the size of the moon. Her face was so distant, yet so familiar. He felt like he knew her from somewhere, a past place. This is ridiculous, he thought, but he was lying to himself. This was real. I… I’ve probably just seen her around camp or something. A realization hit knox and a deep sense, a tug, from somewhere within him knew the answer to his own question.

The room went black.

* * *

Knox never had a problem with sleep patterns, or insomnia, etc. He definitely wasn’t an insomniac. He felt as if he had passed out or fell asleep. He was completely aware, he could move and speak and think, but it was a dream. He was sure of it. Narcolepsy? He thought. His thoughts seemed to echo. Echo through the vast blackness of nothing, like last night’s dream. I wonder if I can like, talk. I can hear my thoughts out loud,-

He belted the only thing he could think of.

“Hadley! Hadley, where are you?” The noise didn’t echo, rather it got vacuumed up so that it was only heard for a split second. That was her name! He didn’t know where he was, nor what he was doing, but her name was Hadley, and that’s all that seemed important right now. He moved on and began to think (or rather project his thoughts into the sky) of ways to get out of… this place?

Is this lucid dreaming? It feels like dream but- He was cut off by a feeling in his stomach. He felt a strong pull inside him. An urge to move. He walked. He walked again. He kept walking until he realized he was getting nowhere. Where am I? He pondered. Then a shrill, unearthly noise filled the air.

A ring.

Author Notes: Honestly, I don't know what this is. I don't write a lot, so this is really bad, but??? Should I finish it? I dunno... also, @bookishforever23 this sucks so just don't even say anything about it. Meh. (also this was NOT inspired by stranger things so just calm down)

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29 Jan, 2018
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