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DapperTale (Part Two)

DapperTale (Part Two)

By TheValhallan

The door rattled open as I now stood in a snowed down forest. No clouds seemed to be above, but snow somehow came down. There was a clear open path forward, like someone deemed this to happen. I stepped forward, and the door slammed shut behind me. I stepped forward and pocketed the gun. I don’t want to use it again, ever, but I don’t know if I would have a choice. I stepped forward tenderly and eventually stride forward with no restraint. A single twig lies in front of me. I step aside and continue on, but soon hear a snap of the twig breaking. I turn but see nothing. I slowly creep forward until I hear the crunch of snow as someone approaches.

My heart pounds as I turn to see who approaches. Behind me some figure reaches out its hand. I grab it.

“Why hello, what are you doing around here?” The… Skeleton says. He is dressed in casual attire, but still has a clip-on bowtie around his neck.

“I… I don’t know.” I reply, trying to figure out exactly what I am doing.

“Well, let me introduce myself, I’m Sans, Sans the comic.” He lets go of my hand.

“How did you get here?” I ask, not certain how he appeared behind me when only the door was there.

“Well, a better question might be, how did you get here?” The skeleton smiled at me, and gave off a happy demeaner, but had a look in its eyes like he was-.

“Eh, doesn’t really matter. C'mon, I got something to show you kid.” Sans walked off, I followed.

“This is the outskirts of SnowVille, a quant town that some of us monsters live in. It’s a small town, you’ll fit right in.” Sans walked and talked, looking back on me every couple of minutes.

“Oh, here’s my bro, just hide behind that conveniently shaped lamp.” I slipped behind the lamp. I had no idea how, but it perfectly fit me. A taller skeleton walked into the open area Sans was standing in. His brother was dressed in a nice little blazer, which he seemed to decorate with bones and flames.

“SANS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” A loud voice erupted from the second skeletons mouth.
“Just doing work bro.” Sans held a calm demeaner when confronted by such a loud adversary.

“I had a ton of work to do. A skele-ton.” Sans shrugged as his brother erupted in anger. I chuckled, then clamped my mouth. Somehow, you could hear a faint sting in the background.

“RRGH YOU’VE ALREADY USED THAT TERRIBLE PUN!” His brother stamped the ground.

“YOU NEED TO BE WORKING BROTHER! HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO CAPTURE A HUMAN?!” Sans’s brother settled down just a little bit.

“Well, you could put a little more backbone into it.” Sans, again, shrugged and made a goofy face. Again, a faint sting.

“NYGHA! YOU NEVER TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUS BROTHER! AND STOP REUSING OLD JOKES!” The brother stamped some more before going off back to where he came.

“Yeah, that’s ma bro, Papyrus.” Sans stood directly behind me, and made me jump. “He’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah, with all this snow you seem pretty chill.” I said back to him.

“Good one kid.” Sans chuckled. “I’ll see what I can do to help you on your way.”

“Okay, thanks!” I started to walk away.

“Oh! I needed to ask you- “I turn around, but Sans is gone.

“Huh.” I wondered, before continuing my walk.

The outskirts were nice, filled with adorable (and deadly) puppers. A thick layer of cold snow covered the ground everywhere. I stepped back from the open area to a new path. I could see the smoke from fires over the trees. I walked down before I saw them.

“Stop ordering ketchup Sans! We can’t afford the- “Papyrus turned and saw me.

“Is that…” he muttered. “A HUMAN?!” his voice quickly grew to a yell.

“I think that’s a tree.” Sans grew a smile as Papyrus turned to him.

“I know that’s a tree you NITWIT! I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE HUMAN!” Papyrus stamped his foot some more.

“Well, then yeah, I guess the human is a human.” Sans smiled wider.

“AHA! A HUMAN! I SHALL CAPTURE YOU!” Papyrus started laughing a weird laugh, like a nyeh heh heh laugh.

All three of us then stood there silently and awkwardly.

“Umm. Im going to go prepare.” Papyrus rushed away to go get ready, I guess. Sans stood there silently still.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about him, I’ll keep an eye socket out for you.” Sans winked?

I walked past him and finally, into the quiet town, of SnowVille.

Snowville was very small. There were a small number of large buildings, like a librarby, some place named Grillby’s, but that was mostly it. Some houses scattered around. They had a small shop too. I didn’t have any money, so I couldn’t buy anything, but everyone was nice and friendly. I felt like there wasn’t much to do here, so I continued on. There was a large straight path. A snowstorm blew into the area covering what I could see. I continued, until I heard another set of footprints ahead of me. I stopped. I could see him in front of me.

“Human.” Papyrus stood in front of me.

“It is my job to capture you.” Papyrus was a lot more calm than usual.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but its my duty as future royal guard to capture you.” Papyrus’s voice changed a little once more.

“Prepare to Duel!” Papyrus drew his guns, which was a set of dual pistols. I readied myself, and promised not to hurt him.

Author Notes: Feel free to tell me anything you feel needs to be said. Critiques, or constructive criticism. Anything

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5 Feb, 2019
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4 mins
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