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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures 2

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures 2

By TheForgotten

     "It, as in everyone hating me" I answer hesitantly, I can't be sure if he actually cares about my problems or if he just wants something to tell everyone Monday morning.
     "Not everyone hates you" He stares at me blankly "I guess it can feel like everyone does at times"
     "Okay where is Chad and what have you done with him? Since when did you know anything about being hated? In case you haven't noticed you're like the male Reagina George at that school" his face contorts in confusion. "She's from mean girls" I look down at the dark hardwood floors.
     "Everyone has problems Kasie, whether you want to believe it or not" I avert my attention to him.
     "I told you one of my problems, now you have to tell me one of yours" I demand, he raises both of his eyebrows at me this time.
     "I never agreed to this, in case you haven't noticed you came to me" Way to be a gentleman Chad, I see you haven't changed much at all.
     "In case you haven't noticed you said everyone has problems so prove it to me, what is one of your problems?"
     "I struggle with getting attached to people"
     "How is that a bad thing?" I try my hardest NOT to get attached. 
     "I can never have a friendship or relationship that actually means something, I'm always stuck acting like someone I'm not"
     "So are you saying the whole player thing is just an act?" He concentrates, thinking about his response.
     "I'd like to say it is but over time it's become a part of myself"
     "Sorta like you can't detach part of the act from reality?" He gives me a strange look of agreement. 
     "Yeah like that." 
     "So what are we now then, aquiantences, strangers...?" I ask out of curiousity.
     He grins "Kasie are you asking if we're friends?"

Author Notes: Please leave comments, I'd like to know if I should carry on with this series.

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5 Apr, 2016
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1 min
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