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Don't Call Me Sweetheart Reviews

5 reviews have given an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Aurora Harrison gave a rating of 2

This story is so stupid. It has no meaning whatsoever, and is just completely not a use of writing. Go waste ur time on something more valuable!

-- The Huntress -- gave a rating of 5

Not that relatable but I still love a good ol' adrenaline rush. Love it, but I don't want this to happen in real life.

Alyssa_da_best gave a rating of 5

I thought this was a really good story. Good job. I don't think I could do a story that good, keep up the good work!

golden gave a rating of 5

This is very good but as someone that’s been in many similar-ish situations it isn’t really all that realistic in some ways. But also it’s nice and I like it so good job.

From_Me gave a rating of 5

it wasn't bad. But i think it needs a little more work

Andy (Formerly Apemann)
Andy (Formerly Apemann) Your comment, again, is stupid! Besides which, YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN BE READING THIS WORK!

Do not comment on any more of my stories or poems.
Author -
Victoria Koschoff-Rapkin
Victoria Koschoff-Rapkin In my opinion she has a right to express her own opinion on this story.She DOES have a point.
From_Me Victoria well thank you
Reviewer -
Imitation.o Hey asshole you have no right to write her like that.
I am with Victoria.
And dear Andy please delete your wacky and fucking comment. Plz.
Optimism101 I think that Andy just wants Constructive Critisism, or a reason to have a reply, rather than a (and i'm summing this up) "eh"

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