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Drowning in My Own Tears
Drowning in My Own Tears

Drowning in My Own Tears


It started when I was young. I would be afraid to go to school. I was scared that my own classmates that I had known me forever would bully me and verbally beat me up. I didn’t want to get up in the morning anymore. I wanted to stay at home. I wanted to be homeschooled. I would come home everyday, my glasses stained with tears. I tried everything. I could not ignore the pain that had seared my heart. Sometimes I could not even remember why I was on this earth. I would cry and nobody cared.

It started in third grade. They would hide from me when I got to school. I tried to talk to them but they would not listen. My feelings bothered me so much that it started to affect my grades. I started not turning in my homework. Then, I started to just ignore all of the school-related assignments. Everyone hated me.

I got a personal therapist. I could talk about my feelings to her. She would listen. I would tell her how everyone hated me and how no one liked me. She asked me why. I did not know. I often got frustrated easily. I would cry over a small snarky comment. I was super-sensitive. I would drown in my own tears.

Near the end of fifth grade, I started to change my attitude. Too late. They were too used to my old self. My frustrated, depressed old self. I gave up. I did not understand. Everytime I went to a new summer camp, I always made best friends. I was immensely confused.

Then came sixth grade. My first year of middle school. New people to meet. A new start. Just kidding. Word had gotten out that I was a no-good cry baby. Now, three times the people before hated me. I moved from friend group to friend group like a nomad. Everyone would betray me. All their fault.

Seventh grade. It started out slow. I was lonely and insecure. I made attitude adjustments. Then, I met a new friend group. They had been betrayed by the same person as I had been betrayed by. We were friends. I was happy. Finally, for once in my whole entire life. I could have the freedom to be happy.

Author Notes: Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading!  Please place a comment as this is just my second story.  Please give me some feedback as to how I can become a better writer.  If you like my writing, you can check out my first story: The Little House.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Stay happy! :P

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23 Mar, 2019
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