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Everything is on Fire
Everything is on Fire

Everything is on Fire


Everything is on fire

The smell of gasoline. A flurry of heat coursed through her veins. Though she thought, no, she knew everything was fine, her spine tingled with fear. “Are you sure something isn’t burning?” “Yes, everything is fine, I checked the stove and the oven, and the microwave, and the gas tank. Everything is fine. Goodnight.” They were not fine. Less than 30 minutes asleep, and a blood-curdling scream blasted throughout the house. It shouldn’t have been blood-curdling, the only person in the house was her Dad, and Finley doubted he could let out a scream like that. She rose with a panic, and tried to pull open the swinging hatch door of her attic room, but It was stuck, and the knot in her stomach tightened. She heard the crackling of flames, and the creaking of the old wooden cottage weakening from below. A crash. Another. A few more, desperate bangs on the door and her dad came tumbling through. The flames seared up from behind him, roaring like a lion stuck in a cage.

“Finley,” Her dad said with a strained voice. “I love you.” In the quickest of movements, her dad swooped her up in a bear hug, then directed her toward the window. “Go, I'm sorry.” The flames grew more and more inside the room, devouring the bed, the bookshelf, the pile of mementos and stuffed animals, and much more. Finley was confused, scared and alone. A shove and then a shriek. Finley, having been pushed out the window, tumbled to the ground. Everything was on fire.

* * *

No would have even known this happened if the fire wasn’t so monstrous. A remote little cabin in the middle of the woods, spontaneously catching on fire and burning, is not a very noticeable thing when the nearest house is 10+ miles away. Finley had no clue as to who called them, or how they found out, but a billowing tower of ash-black smoke catches someone's attention very quickly. The firemen came during the middle of the night to a pile of debris. A cold, scarred, scared girl hid in the trees. Filled with trepidation, she watched as they searched the house remains carefully, looking for any soul problems. Finley ran.

The news bustled with stories of a burned house started by a gas leak beneath the water heater tank. They never found the body of the dad, presumably. No one found Finley. She was scared, the media blew-up looking for a missing girl, and some conspiracy theories thought the whole thing was fake. People took it into their own hands to find this ghost-girl that no one new of. No one knew where She was except herself. And, her Dad, of course.

Author Notes: Feeling a bit angsty while listening to Twenty One Pilots and this happened. I'm so emo istg. So yeaaaaaaaa I might actually finish this one? i have sort of an idea for where it's headed, but again, I suck at writing so yee. I like writing mystery sort of crap, but this is the first time I've ever attempted something like this so enjoy a snippet of it.

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28 Feb, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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