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Fractured Smile
Fractured Smile

Fractured Smile

kamili_102kamili jones
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Her eyes were as bright as the moon in the midnight sky,

her smile was beautiful, Pricless, something a human eye almost never saw,

Her laugh could cure your sadness, why could we not see her sadness?

No knew, when she began to fall. No one, No one at all.

she seemed so perfect, seemed so happy, but we now know her life was crappy.

she held on to her friends tight, until one night she was out of sight.

she drowned in liquor, suffocated in pain, lost the oxygen in her brain.

now she's gone, in the good place where she belongs,

with her grandma, hey maybe they're even singing songs.

we miss you, your sweet, sweet smile, but it's selfish to say I wish you where here, because this world was not worth your tears. you were too good for this world mi amor, you'll live on forever, don't worry, I'm sure.

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About The Author
kamili jones
About This Story
18 Dec, 2019
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<1 min

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